Giffen goods Meaning

Giffen goods are those, whose demand curve no conform to “the first rule the demand”, i.e. Price and also quantity request of Giffen goods are inversely concerned each other, unlike various other goods, wherein price and quantity demanded space positively related. They are inferior goods without a substitute.These are named after the Scottish statistician, teacher Robert Giffen.

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The classic example the Giffen products is the example of Bread, which the bad consumed much more as its price rose. They are inferior goods, yet these space not normal inferior goods, whose demand falls as quickly as the earnings increases. For example, people would buy more iPhones 보다 the Chinese made the phone once they feel richer. Since the quantity demandedQuantity DemandedQuantity request is the quantity of a specific commodity at a details price. It changes with adjust in price and also does not depend on market an ext of the Giffen goods, boosts with boost in the price of the goods, it leader to an upward sloping demand curve because that the Giffen goods.

The demand curve for Giffen goods is given below, the x-axis that the graph denotes the quantity demanded of the goods and also y-axis denotes the price that the goods.As the price of good increases, the demand for the an excellent also increases, causing a rightward motion in the demand line and also hence the need line, as displayed in the curve below is increase sloping.


It is vital to keep in mind that every Giffen items are inferior goods, yet not every inferior products are Giffen goods.

Conditions to Categorize items as Giffen Goods

There are details conditions that a good must meet, in order to be categorized together Giffen good:

#1 – It must be an worse Good

The foremost condition for a great to it is in categorized as Giffen goods is that its intake should increase with a to decrease in budget and also when the consumer faces a budget plan shortage, the consumer will consume more of an inferior good.As in the above-given example, potato is one inferior an excellent as compared to hamburger and its usage has enhanced with a shortage in budget and rise in the price the potato.

#2 – Amount spent on great should it is in a major portion that the budget

For far-ranging income impact to trigger, the amount spent on such goods should form a significant proportion the consumer’s full budget.As in the over example, potato represents 50% of the consumer’s complete budget.

#3 – absence of near substitutes:

In order to maintain/increase the demand for Giffen goods, also at increased prices, there have to either be:

No instead of goods, orThe price the substitute products should be greater than the current good.

So that current good remains an attractive option even after a price rise in the goods and also consumer doesn’t transition to another good.

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They are goods that room consumed much more as your price increases, thus, it reflects an upward sloping need curve and also is in contradiction come the legislation of demandLaw of DemandThe law of demand is an economic principle that claims that the prices of items or services and the amount demanded are inversely related as soon as all other components remain constant. In other words, when the price the a product rises, its need falls, and also when the price falls, its demand rises in the more. They are a sort of inferior goods and it is pertinent to mention that every Giffen items are inferior products whereas every inferior items are no Giffen goods.

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