definitely the poster kid for drug recommendation fantasy stories, go Lewis Carroll ever reveal simply what his 3 inch lengthy blue "Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar" personality smoked in his balloon pipe while providing advice come Alice in 1865"s "Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland", or was it left up to our cumulative imagination?



Hookahs room designed different than bongs. Rather than light the substance on fire you use coals to warm the substance.

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Most hookahs are supplied to acting flavored tobacco fairly than marijuana, but due come the chemicals and also the shear volume of exhilaration a person deserve to consume over smoking a cigarette, the results are quite various than continual smoking. Although mine "stoner" friends say it to be "pot" the caterpillar to be smoking, I have no factor to think it was anything various other than the regular substance they supplied in a hooka back then and also today.

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Your concern sent me off to read about the history of marijuana cigarette smoking in England, though i haven"t discovered much reliable information. Indigenous Wikipedia I might find a study, prompted by specific phrases offered by Shakespeare in the 16th/17th century, recognize traces of cannabis in pipes hidden in Shakespeare"s home town:

Why create I still all one, ever the same, and also keep creation in a listed weed, Shakespeare, Sonnet 76

However, even if this does show that marijuana intake wasn"t unknown in England prior to Carrol"s job (which the does very weakly) that still doesn"t imply that Lewis Carrol himself smoked marijuana (despite very flaky insurance claims such together the 5th paragraph here), or the he was familiar enough with the habit to insert it right into his fairly hallucinogenic fantasy world.

Some googling because that "lewis carrol marijuana" and variants thereof led me to many "Was Lewis Carrol advocating marijuana usage?" pages, but practically all were on marijuana and cannabis advocacy sites that don"t even shot to present any kind of evidence (see below or here).

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In short, since tobacco smoking cigarettes was well-known and popular in victor England, and also the hookah was becoming known ~ the occupation of India, I see no factor to i think cannabis was in the caterpillar"s hookah.

That is no to say that proof for various other hallucinogenic drugs can"t it is in found. This is just my 15 minutes" precious of research. :)