The Mad baht has constantly been a lovely character, and a little bit of a social icon. He occupies just a little amount that the Alice stories, yet he is one the Lewis Carroll’s most renowned inventions. In fact, that is therefore popular, we even have a day come celebrate him! Today, October 6, is nationwide Mad hatter Day.

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Why October 6th? Well, if girlfriend remember the initial Alice illustrations by Sir john Tennial, you could know the there is a on slide of document on the Hatter’s hat the reads: “In this style, 10/6.”

This means the Hatter has an bespeak to do a cap in precisely that style, and it will expense ten shillings and also sixpence. (It has nothing to execute with October. Yet then again, Pi has actually nothing to perform with march 14th, and we memory Pi work on 3/14 anyway.) In U.S. Day representation, the month comes very first and then the day, for this reason 10/6 way October 6th.

Mad baht Day was established in 1986 through a team of computer system programmers in Boulder, Colorado that noticed the “date” on the Hatter’s hat. They believed it would certainly be a an excellent idea to make this a nationwide holiday, and petitioned because that it. Although the is not official, Mad hatter Day is recognized by cap enthusiasts, time travelers, march Hares, and also Alice fans worldwide.

But where did the hatter come from? was he yes, really mad? and what exactly was his large gripe with Time?

Madness and Mercury

Lewis Carroll walk not develop the idea of an insane hat maker solely top top his own. The phrase “mad together a hatter” was component of popular jargon as beforehand as 1837, some thirty years before the Alice story were published. Numerous real life hatters were known to exhibition erratic, flamboyant behavior, talk to themselves and have mood swings.

What do the mad Hatters mad?

In the 18th and also 19th centuries, hat makers frequently used mercury nitrate as part of the process for curing felt. Exposure to mercury led to some monster behavior. Symptoms of mercury poisoning incorporate anxiety, muscle weakness, storage loss, hearing and vision problems, slurred speech, drooling, and diarrhea. Optimal hats, for this reason popular throughout the victor era, provided a good deal that cured felt, so maybe there was a “rise” in madness during the time Carroll wrote Alice. Hence “mad as a hatter” came to be a famous phrase.

Luckily, use of mercury was ultimately banned native the hatting industry. In 1898, legislations were happen in Europe that safeguarded hat equipments from the hazard of exposure. Through the 20th century, mercury poisoning among British hat equipments had become a rarity. The joined States, however, did not ban mercury until 1941, when the Public Health company deemed it hazardous and finally banned its use.

Insane Inventions

Ironically, Carroll is claimed to have based his Hatter no on a real hat maker, but on a furniture dealer called Theophilus Carter, that was recognized locally as the mad Hatter. Carter constantly wore a top hat. (But apparently not in this picture.)


I am no making this up! The bed was in reality featured together an attraction in Prince Albert’s Crystal palace Exhibition, which took location in Hyde Park in 1851. Us don’t have actually a real photo of this notorious thing, yet it was believed to look something choose this:



The ladder ~ above the bottom would slide the victim into the refreshing bath tub of “seaside” cold water below. Yeah, I can see why this creation didn’t take it off…

Time Waits because that No One

Or does it?

Perhaps that is far-ranging that Carter’s invention associated a clock. Both Lewis Carroll and his baht were obsessed with time. As you may recall, in ~ the mad Tea Party, the was constantly six o’clock, tea time.

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The time never changed, and this was because the hatter was gift punished. It all started at a concert where the baht was appointed to sing for the Queen. Halfway v the song, the Queen yelled that the hatter was “murdering the time!”

As a result, Time would certainly not cooperate with the Hatter. “And ever before after that,” says the Hatter, “he won’t execute a thing I ask. It’s always six o’clock now.” (Time, follow to the Hatter, is actually a “he” no an “it”.)


At the Tea Party, time was standing still. They have to keep complete table settings all around, together they relocate from location to location to acquire clean cups — since time never changes.

Interestingly, Albert Einstein himself organized a suggest of view comparable to the mad Hatter’s!

Einstein to be obsessed with, and distressed by, the conundrum of the current moment, or the “Now”. According to Einstein, “the suffer of the Now means something one-of-a-kind for man, something essentially various from the past and also the future, yet this difference does not, and cannot take place within physics.”


Think about it. That is always Now. You are analysis these indigenous Now, however I am additionally writing this words Now. It is always Now. Friend can’t execute anything tomorrow, or yesterday. Girlfriend can setup or recall, however you can not act. And what you in reality do, you carry out RIGHT NOW. However Einstein tells united state the experience of the currently cannot be grasped by science nor described mathematically! probably the baht was right. That was constantly six o’clock. Since it is always now.