Whoopi Goldberg is plenty of things: an EGOT-winning actress, the moderator of The View, a best-selling author, a comedian, and a mother. That"s right – what you might not know about Whoopi Goldberg is the she has actually one daughter, Alexandra "Alex" boy name Dean, who"s now 46 year old. As soon as she was younger, Martin showed up in 2 of her mom"s best movies The shade Purple and Sister act 2: Back in the Habit, according to IMDb. More recently, she complied with in her mother"s footsteps and also guest-hosted The View on much more than one occasion. There"s another major way she"s acquisition after Goldberg: young name is now a mom of her very own — and also a grandma too.

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At age 18 in 1973, Whoopi Goldberg offered birth to Alexandra Martin, follow to Good Housekeeping, through her previous drug counselor and husband, Alvin Martin. The couple reportedly split a couple of years later on in 1979. As with her mom, Martin offered birth at a young age, welcoming her an initial child at 16. Now, she"s a mommy of 3 to Amarah, Mason, and also Jerzey. According to Page Six, Goldberg told guests at Martin"s 40th birthday party in 2014, "Alex is a far better mother to she three youngsters than I ever before was."

Their household has continued to grow and also Goldberg talked around becoming a great-grandmother on The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in 2014. "I had just gained into the groove of gift a grandmother... Climate this girl came and said she and also her guy were having a baby and also I want to wring she neck," she recalled of her granddaughter. Although Martin was flustered by coming to be a grandma herself, Goldberg joked come Fallon, "I whispered in her ear, "I gained no sympathy for you. Girlfriend made me a grandmother as soon as I was 33, b****.""

During a mother-daughter appearance on The Wendy Williams Show in 2015, boy name revealed she and also her mommy "talk multiple times a day." She talks to Goldberg about almost everything, yet the comedian jumped in to clarify, "Some thing I don"t want to know. She"s married, also bad... If he"s mad, she"s mad, that"s no for me." despite that teasing, it"s simple to check out just how close the two are from their on-screen dynamic.

For the record, Martin has actually been married three times...to the same man, boy name Dean. On Wendy Williams, Martin defined that she and Dean eloped as soon as she was 20, threw one more wedding later, and also then obtained remarried because that a 3rd time after acquiring divorced.

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Back in 2015, Alexandra martin starred in a reality display called According to Alex, which to be executive-produced by Whoopi Goldberg. Per the description on prime Video (where you have the right to watch it v a BET+ subscription), the six-episode collection focused on offering fans "an within look into Alex boy name Dean"s life as she concentrates on reinventing herself." an old commercial for the show describes Martin as "a daughter, a mother, a lover, and also a boss." She teamed up with her finest friend and also According come Alex co-star Leisa Rachal to began a organization called pond Buzz, whereby customers might get pampered and drink in ~ the very same time.

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During a promotional figure on The View alongside her mother in October 2015, Martin explained how the present differed from various other reality series: "We actually prefer each other. We"re not about back-biting and b****-slapping and also "I hate you"... It"s not that type of salacious ... It"s a actual reality show."

While it"s been a few years due to the fact that Martin"s reality display went turn off the air, she"s continued to it is in by her mom"s side because that red carpets and also other huge events. Because that instance, Martin threw Goldberg a an intricate 64th date of birth party in November with famed friends and also family, follow to Closer Weekly. No matter what, family clearly comes an initial for Goldberg and Martin.