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Vehicle code 27465b CVC is the California state that renders it a website traffic offense because that a human being to drive a motor vehicle with tires that have worn tires treads.

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California law requires many treads to it is in at least 1/8th that an customs in depth because that front tires, and also 1/16thof an inch in depth for behind tires. Tires with unlawful worn treads are commonly referred to together “bald tires.” A violation of this law is an infraction and also is punished through a website traffic ticket.

CVC 27465b claims that “no human shall use on a highway a pneumatic tires on a vehicle axle when the tire has actually less than the complying with tread depth, other than when temporarily set up on a disabled vehicle…”

The code section then mandates, for many vehicles, a tread depth of:

1/8th of an customs at all points in all major grooves ~ above a prior tire, 1/16th that an inch at every points in all significant grooves on behind tires, and also 3/16th the an customs tread depth at all points in all major grooves ~ above snow tires.

Examples of violations

control a passenger vehicle with worn tires. Having actually rear tires on a auto with a tread depth under 1/16th of one inch. A driver utilizing snow tires through a tires tread depth under 3/16th of one inch.


Drivers can challenge a relocating violation under this California auto code ar with a legitimate defense. Typical defenses room for the accused to show that:

the tire v improper treads was a spare tire being used due to the fact that of one accident, there to be an error in tread depth calculations, and/or that or she was operating an agricultural vehicle.


Driving a auto with fully tires is a crime in California. That is charged as an infraction, i m sorry is a less serious offense 보다 a:

The crime is punished with a traffic ticket that comes with a fine of $25.00.

A violation does not an outcome in the DMV put points against the motorist’s driver’s license. Keep in mind that the buildup of clues is unfavorable because it can lead to:

a patent suspension, a motorist obtaining his/her driving privileges revoked, and also

Our California auto accident attorneys will highlight the complying with in this article:

2. How can I an obstacle a CVC 27465b ticket? 6. Are there laws related come this statute?


1. What is the minimum tread depth for tires in California?

This password section states that the is a website traffic offense for a motorist to run a auto with bald tires.

The regulation requires most treads to be in ~ least:

1/8th of an customs in depth for tires top top the steering axle of any type of motor vehicle, and also 1/16th of an inch in depth for all other tires on the axles of this vehicles.1

The “tread” of a tire is that part of the tire, consists of the ribs and grooves, which come in contact with the roadway.2

Note that car repair shops do not go an offense under this state if they:

remove a tire with treads below the legal depth, and then later on reinstall it after solving something ~ above the vehicle.3

Note as well that this law is simply one of numerous California regulations that regulates details parts of a vehicle. Other legislations may use to a vehicle’s:

fenders, mufflers, windshield wipers, brand-new tires,

2. How can I challenge a CVC 27465b ticket?

Criminal defense lawyers use different legal strategies to contest worn tread charges. Strategies incorporate showing that:

the tire through improper treads to be a spare tire. There to be a failure in tread depth calculations. The accused was operating an farming vehicle.

2.1. Spare tire

Vehicle password 27465 specifically states that that does not apply come persons that have installed on their vehicles:

a spare tire, and a preventive tire due to the fact that of an emergency or accident.4

It is a defense, therefore, because that an accused to say that while he/she may have been driving with a worn tire, the tire was a spare.

2.2. Calculate errors

This statute involves precise measurements regarding tire treads. These dimensions even resolve tiny fountain of one inch. A defense, then, is for an accused come say that:

there to be an error in calculating or measuring his/her tires treads, and the tires treads ~ above his/her tires were of legit depth.

2.3. Agricultural vehicle

CVC 27465d states that the law does not use to “implements that husbandry.” an “implement of husbandry” is a car that is used exclusively in the command of agricultural operations. This method a human will not be in violation of the regulation if he/she operates an farming vehicle v bald tires.


3. What are the potential fines?

A violation the this state is charged as an infraction.

A driver will certainly be approve a ticket and must salary an underlying fine the $25.00. Keep in mind that this is the base fine. The actual well will price much more as that includes:

fines, and also assessments.

A bald tire violation does not result in a allude on the offender’s DMV control record.

4. What happens ifI overlook the citation?

It is a further California crime if a driver ignores a traffic ticket. “Ignore” here way failing come appear in court when required to resolve it.

A driver needs to sign a written promise to show up in court if he/she is approve a web traffic ticket in California.

A party commits one offense, “failure to appear” per vehicle Code 40508 CVC, if he/she willfully breaks this promise and also fails to show in court.5

A violation the this regulation is charged together a misdemeanor. The crime is punishable by:

a fine of up to $1,000.6

Note the the law uses to any traffic ticket, consisting of tickets involving:

5. Have the right to this be supplied as evidence in a personal injury claim?

A driver in violation the these regulations may cause a website traffic accident with an additional person. Because that example, a worn tires may cause a blowout which leader a driver to collide with another motorist.

In this event, if the motorist sick injuries, he/she can file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver.

In this suit, the driver through worn tires treads might be discovered “negligent.”

A negligent party should compensate the plaintiff for any type of injuries the he/she suffered.

California legislation says the a driver is “negligent every se” if he/she violates a statute. In the context of CVC 27465b, this means a driver would certainly be negligent every se in an accident if he/she:

caused the accident and also injured one more party, and was steering a vehicle with bald tires in violation the the statute.

6. Room there regulations related come this statute?

There space three legislations related come driving a car with bald tires. These are:

steering a automobile with an excessive length – CVC 35400, coasting in neutral – CVC 21710, and disobeying a sign, signal, or web traffic control an equipment – CVC 38300.

6.1. Automobile with extreme length – CVC 35400

Vehicle password 35400 CVC is the California state that says a motor auto cannot exceed an overall length of 40 feet.

Exceptions to this law do use with regards to:

many commercial vehicles, school buses, campers, van tractors, and semitrailers.

Like through a worn tires tread violation, a ticket under this statute will not result in a DMV point.

6.2. Coasting in neutral – CVC 21710

Vehicle code 21710 CVC renders it a traffic offense because that a driver to coastline in neutral while walk downhill.

As with vehicle Code 27465b, a violation that this statute is charged as an infraction.

6.3. Disobeying a sign, signal, or web traffic control device – CVC 38300

Vehicle code 38300 CVC is the California state that provides it an offense for a driver to disobey any:

website traffic sign, signal, or traffic regulate device.

Some instances of “signs, signals, and also devices” are:

speed limits, crosswalks, and also no parking in designated parking lot of signs.

A traffic ticket for violating this legislation costs about $238, i m sorry is more than a bald tires ticket.

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