A reader asks around the most suitable word to use as soon as referring come a human being who dram the flute.

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I create on musical matters, so would appreciate advice on just how to create flutist…Many presenters of classical music program pronounce words as “floortist”. Is flutist correct & is is there one more written form?

I can’t comment on the together “floortist” other than to say that I’ve never heard flutist or flautist pronounce in the way.

The 3 most usual terms I’m familiar with are:flutist <(flū’tĭst)>flautist flute player

I’ve read that flautist is the preferred British usage. Come American ear it sound pretentious, yet ironically, the earliest usage of flautist given in the OED is native the work of an American writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The Italian word for flute is flauto and the 1860 novel in which words appears, The Marble Faun, is set in Italy. The choice flautist end flutist may have actually been triggered by Hawthorne’s desire to add local color.

My middle English dictionary gives floute and also floutour because that “flute” and also “flute player.” my edition of Chaucer gives flowte and floyte because that “flute,” flowtour because that “flute player,” and also floytynge for “playing top top the flute.”

I’ve play in a flute choir. We called ourselves flutists and flute players.

According to a factoid at NationMaster.com, world-renowned flute virtuoso sir James Galway has this to say ~ above the matter:

I to be a flute player, no a flautist. I don’t have actually a flaut, and also I’ve never ever flauted.”

Thanks come Richard Shackleton for post idea.

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21 Responses to “Flautist or Flutist?”

Alexon February 27, 2009 10:37 am

Well, in Spanish and also Italian us still speak flauta, and also in Old French the was also flaute. English and also other german languages embraced the term at roughly that time, and the obtained flautista/flautiste. The term flutist pertained to English much later, probably again influenced by the French flutist ~ the old form flaute adjusted to floute.

In modern English the terms developed to flute and both flautist and also flutist, although the second one is lot ‘younger’.

mandon February 27, 2009 11:38 am

By ‘floortist’ your leader can’t, surely, have meant the ‘r’ to be sounded. Together a Brit – heavens, ns say that a many here! – i pronounce floor precisely the very same as flaw.

And i’ve only ever heard flautist pronounced ‘flawtist’.

AND i’ve never, ever before come across flutist. Well, maybe once, and i’d have dismissed it as ignorance. Sorry, USA!

My new Penguin qualifies flutist as ‘chiefly NAm and refers me come flautist. Mine Collins English calls the a variant spelling, ‘Now chiefly U.S.’. The ‘now’ speak me flutist used to be a much more equal alternate over here.

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Good ol’ noah Webster and his simplifying.

(Both mine dictionaries, btw, offer only the ‘flaw’ (unflawed, lol) pronunciation for flautist.)

I love happening ~ above a divergence between UK and US English that i haven’t found before. Thanx! 80)

Lorrieon February 27, 2009 11:59 am

I believed a Flautist to be someone choose me who loves come eat Flautas! Yum