Trying come think that a characteristic trait because that someone the sees the people in black and white...almost favor decisive / moral release / ethical yet not quite. Things room black and also white, there"s no gray area, other is either wrong or it"s right. Their opinion top top what is right vs dorn isn"t necessarily correct (this human being actually has a very skewed perspective on morality) yet they stick come their very own convictions.

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He could well it is in a Moral Absolutist:

Moral pure is an honest view that particular actions are fundamentally right or wrong. Stealing, for instance, could be taken into consideration to be constantly immoral, also if done because that the well-being of others (e.g., steal food to feeding a starving family), and also even if it does in the end promote such a good. Ethical absolutism stands in comparison to other categories that normative honest theories such together consequentialism, i m sorry holds the the principles (in the vast sense) of one act counts on the after-effects or the context of the act. (-- Wikipedia)

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Manichean way “duality,” so if girlfriend or your thinking is Manichean, you see things in black and also white.


Manichean originates from the indigenous Mani, which is the surname of one apostle who stayed in Mesopotamia in the 240’s, that taught a global religion based upon what we now speak to dualism.

If you think in the Manichean idea that dualism, you tend to look at at points as having actually two sides that room opposed. To Manicheans, life can be split neatly between great or evil, irradiate or dark, or love and hate. When you watch Manichean, think “two.” -- source


"The most crucial feature that neoconservatism is that is Manichean worldview, wherein the earth is pitted in an immediate struggle between purely good and purely evil nations. Together George W. Bush famously told climate Sen. Joe Biden: "I don"t do nuance."" --- Jacob Bronsther; What carry out Neocons need to Do v Obama?; The Christian scientific research Monitor (Boston, Massachusetts); Sep 29, 2009.

Paul was living in an amazing Manichean people of friends and enemies, right and also wrong - in i m sorry he to be the chief protagonist. --- BBC Apr 27, 2015