Before jumping into the object of equivalent angles, let’s very first remind ourselves around angles, parallel and also non-parallel lines, and transversal lines.

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In Geometry, an edge is written of three parts: vertex and two eight or sides. The vertex of an angle is where two sides or present of the edge meet, while eight of an angle are just the angle’s sides.

Parallel lines room two or more lines on a 2-D aircraft that never accomplish or cross. ~ above the various other hand, non-parallel lines are two or an ext lines that intersect. A transversal line is a heat that crosses or passes through two other lines. A transverse line have the right to pass through two parallel or non-parallel lines.

What is a corresponding Angle?

Angles created when a transversal line cuts throughout two right lines are recognized as matching angles. Corresponding angles are located in the same loved one position, an intersection the transversal and two or much more straight lines.

The angle rule of corresponding angles or the equivalent angles postulates that the corresponding angles room equal if a transversal cuts 2 parallel lines.

Corresponding angles room equal if the transversal line the cross at least two parallel lines.

The diagram listed below illustrates corresponding angles developed when a transversal line crosses two parallel lines:



Given the ∠d = 30°

d = ∠b (Vertically the contrary angles)

Therefore, ∠b = 30°

b = ∠ g= 30° (corresponding angles)Now, ∠ d = ∠ f (Corresponding angles)

Therefore, ∠f = 30°∠ b + ∠ a = 180° (supplementary angles)

a+ 30° = 180°

a = 150°

a = e = (corresponding angles)

Therefore, ∠e = 150°

d = h = 30° (corresponding angles)

Example 2

The two corresponding angles the a number measure 9x + 10 and 55. Discover the worth of x.


The two equivalent angles are constantly congruent.


9x + 10 = 55

9x = 55 – 10

9x = 45

x = 5

Example 3

The two corresponding angles that a number measure 7y – 12 and 5y + 6. Uncover the magnitude of a corresponding angle.


First, we require to recognize the value of y.

The two matching angles are constantly congruent.


7y – 12 = 5y + 6

7y – 5y = 12 + 6

2y = 18

y = 9

The magnitude of a equivalent angle,

5y + 6 = 5 (9) + 6 = 51

Applications of corresponding Angles

There exist plenty of applications of corresponding angles which we ignore. Watch them if you ever before get a chance.

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Usually, windows have horizontal and also vertical grills, which do multiple squares. Every vertex the the square provides the equivalent angles.The bridge stands top top the pillars. Every pillars are associated in together a method that equivalent angles are equal.The railway tracks space designed so the all the matching angles are equal top top the track.