Every number i beg your pardon has an ext than 1-digit has various digits defined by their ar values. In 2-digit numbers, there are just two ar values – the units place and the 10s place. 2-digit numbers begin from 10 and end on 99. In various other words, the the smallest 2-digit number is 10 and the best 2-digit number is 99.

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1.What are 2-Digit Numbers?
2.How to write Numbers as much as 2-Digits?
3.Common mistakes of Numbers as much as 2-Digits
4.FAQs ~ above Numbers up to 2-Digits

2-digit numbers room the numbers that have actually two digits and also they begin from the number 10 and end on the number 99. They cannot start from zero due to the fact that in that situation it will be thought about as a single-digit number. The digits on the tens place must it is in from 1 to 9. The largest 2-digit number is 99 together the following number is 100 i beg your pardon is a 3-digit number. The smallest two-digit number is 10 since the ahead number is 9 i m sorry is a one-digit number.

Place worth in 2 number Numbers

Place worth is the place of every digit in a number. When we talk about 1-digit numbers over there is only one location value the is the persons place. As soon as we involved 2-digit numbers, there are two ar values - ones and tens. Observe the following figure which shows a two-digit number 23 written in addition to its ar values. The digit 2 is at 10s place and stands for 20 and digit 3 is in ~ ones place and also stands because that 3.


Assigning place Values

We understand that the location value of a number speak the place of the digit. In 2-digit numbers, tens and also ones space the only location values.

Let us look in ~ the following set of number to understand the combination of ones and also tens:

a.) 33 ⇒ 3 10s + 3 ones = (3 × 10) + (3 × 1) = 30 + 3 = 33

b.) 18 ⇒ 1 tens + 8 persons = (1 × 10) + (8 × 1) = 10 + 8 = 18

c.) 27 ⇒ 2 tens + 7 persons = (2 × 10) + (7 × 1) = 20 + 7 = 27

How to create Numbers approximately 2-Digits?

2-digit numbers have the right to be created in the numeral form, in words, and in the broadened form. Because that example, 45 is a 2-digit number. Let united state see the three means in i beg your pardon it can be written.

In the numeral form: 45In words: Forty-FiveIn the expanded form: 40 + 5

2-Digit number in Words

When numbers are written in words v the help of the ar values, the helps united state to spell them. The smallest 2-digit number is 10 which is created as ten. After this, the numbers from 11 to 20 are written together 11 - eleven,12 - twelve, 13 - thirteen, 14 - fourteen, 15 - fifteen, 16 - sixteen, 17 - seventeen, 18 - eighteen, 19 - nineteen, and also 20 - twenty. After ~ this, they space written as 21 - twenty-one, 22 - twenty-two, 23 - twenty-three, and also so top top till that reaches 30 - thirty, and the same pattern is followed after thirty, forty, and so on.

2-Digit number in expanded Form

The expanded form of a number help to know about its constituents. The expanded form of a 2-digit number can be displayed in various ways. Think about a 2-digit number 57.

The number 57 deserve to be created in one form as 57 = (5 × tens) + (7 × ones)In an additional way, it can be written as 57 = (5 × 10) + (7 × 1)The third way to compose 57 in the expanded form is 57 = 50 + 7.

Common failure of Numbers as much as 2-Digits

Children can frequently recite all numbers up to 99 (or 100) however may do mistakes as soon as asked to find a larger number between two numbers. They recite number from 1 come 100 favor they have actually memorized the letter of the alphabet. If this happens, climate finding the greater number in between 14 and also 15 is together puzzling as finding the greater letter between C and D. Youngsters must realize that, unlike letters, numbers have actually a connection with each other. 15 is precisely one much more than 14. Because that this, number lines and color counters deserve to be supplied to combine the sound through the quantity.Children often tend to make mistakes working v numbers as soon as the tens place value changes. For example, as soon as going indigenous 19 to 20, 29 come 30, 39 to 40, etc. Frequently 2-digit number are introduced without recommendation to place values. If this makes it much easier to memorize numbers, it may not be the finest strategy as children don’t check out numbers as constructed from a common collection of digits from 0 to 9. In this case, an abacus have the right to be provided to design numbers and Base-10 blocks can be offered to assist them visualize numbers.

Tips on Numbers as much as 2-Digits

Given listed below are part tips and tricks on numbers as much as 2-digits.

When any kind of one-digit number (from 1 come 9) multiplies by 10 the result number is a 2-digit number. For example, 4 × 10 = 40; 5 × 10 = 50The smallest 2-digit number, using just one number is 11.The smallest 2-digit number, utilizing two different digits is 10. (10 is the smallest two-digit number too)The greatest 2-digit number, using just one digit is 99. (99 is the greatest two-digit number too).The best 2-digit number, using all different digits is 98.There are just two ar values in two-digit numbers, tens and ones.There space ninety, '2-digit numbers' beginning from 10-99.

Here is the list of all Numbers up to 2 number from 10-99.


Important Notes

Given listed below are some essential notes concerned numbers up to 2 number that us studied in this article. Have a look!

The smallest 2 number number is 10 and the greatest 2 number number is 99.There space ninety, 2-digit numbers in all.A 2-digit number cannot start with 0, because in that situation it will be thought about as a single-digit number.

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