I was replacing some outlets in my house with tamper-resistant ones, and also came throughout one whereby the white and also ground to be wired together, as viewed in this picture. Why? Is that okay or ideal ever? the was clearly done ~ above purpose.

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When the home was inspected, the inspector detected far-reaching current ~ above the ground. Is it possible that this wiring is the reason?




It"s referred to as a bootlegged ground. This is typically done in older homes that had a two prong receptacle and also was updated come a three prong receptacle. The old house didn"t have actually a ground and this tip the inspector"s electric checker, for this reason your home passes inspection.



Yikes, an excellent find! This is most certainly the reason. The ground and also neutral space only claimed to be tied together at the key panel. In this case, instead of just the neutral delivering current, both the ground and also neutral will carry it.

There is no legit reason that I recognize of to do this in ~ an outlet. I wonder if probably the neutral was open and the previous person was trying come cheat to do the outlet work? carry out disconnect this. I would check other outlets in the house. An outlet tester may assist speed this up however they don"t detect every conditions.

Grounding is an important safety aspect of your house. If you suspect there is a an ext systemic problem with the houses grounding, gain an electrician to take it a look. Better safe than sorry.

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Considering there is some amount of one of two people wrong, or maybe just misleading, information regarding your large question which, in turn, deserve to lead to ambiguities and also poor and/or attention actions, I, a actual electrician, will add my cap in the ring backed by the NEC.

Because many civilization may search and also find this post, as it is very generally asked, and in a given situation may opt to run a new grounded circuit to deal with this problem and also find themselves staring in ~ the precise same situation in their panel, i think it"s vital to keep in mind it is not always wrong to bond the grounded (neutral) and grounding (ground) systems together.

From IAEI, thoroughly defined in NEC write-up 250 - Grounding and Bonding. (empasis mine):

The key bonding jumper is one of the most an important elements in the safety grounding system. This conductor is the link in between the grounded organization conductor, the equipment grounding conductor and in some cases, the ground connection electrode conductor. The main purpose that the key bonding jumper is to carry the ground-fault present from the organization enclosure as well as from the devices grounding mechanism that is return to the source. In addition, wherein the grounding electrode conductor is associated directly to the grounded business conductor bus, the key bonding jumper ensures that the devices grounding bus is at the same potential as the earth.

NEC 250.35 grounding Service-Supplied Alternating-Current Systems

(A) mechanism Grounding Connections.

A premise wiring system supplied through a grounded ac business shall have a ground connection electrode conductor connected to the grounded service conductor, at each service, in accordance v 250.24(A)(1) with (A)(5).

Again this is to answer the naive statement the they should never be connected. The National electric Code for sure disagrees v that and also removing this connection is indeed detrimental to the safety and security of your system - don"t eliminate it!

Now to deal with the details context of her situation:

That wiring construction is indeed wrong and hazardous. The the very least dangerous component is making use of a single grounding screw come "tap" the green and also white wires. This isn"t correct. If nothing else to be wrong v your pic, those wires have to be tapped along with a pigtail going come the terminal. The worst component is the really joining that the two systems together - at this location. That"s just wrong.

From a reasonable standpoint, what would certainly be accomplished in having two separate wires just to join them? indigenous a safety and security standpoint, in one unbalanced circuit the neutral carries the unbalanced load back to the panel. Therefore the "electrician" willfully energized the safety device in your home. It is okay to perform this at the service/main due to the fact that at this point they both have actually the exact same potential together the earth.

If you"re in a house where the job-related in part or all areas is done this way, making it common for your dwelling, contact an electrician to devise a setup to resolve it.

One thing to think about is if the bare ground goes ago into the wall, it might be that they were including a grounding device to the building. This is usual in some locales as an accepted means to add a legitimate ground connection system. Inspect with your building department prior to doing. The worry here despite is, despite the respectable effort, the final connection is wrong. If this is the case, it can be safe to assume all or numerous of her outlets room this way.

What come do? Well, you have a couple of options.

If the grounding system in her pic is fine (per local building codes), however the connections arewrong, you deserve to simply different the connection and also use a groundedoutlet (NEC 406.4(D)(1)). I more than likely wouldn"t introduce that unless you can, withcertainty, verify it"s otherwise correct. The job-related you display would do anyself-respecting electrician cringe.

If you"d like to play it safe and would quite be inconvenienced through non-grounding adapters, you deserve to simply exchange it the end for a non-grounding receptacle (NEC 406.4(D)(2)(a)). Obviously girlfriend won"t be utilizing that ground any type of longer.

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If no of those room pleasing, you have the right to opt to change it v a GFCI provided you"ve labeled it "No devices Ground" (NEC 406.4(D)(2)(b)). Girlfriend won"t be making use of that floor in this case either.