Hi guys! I"m currently planning to chair 10 civilization per 66 customs round table, but I have one table that ns would prefer to squeeze out 11 in. Is the going come be way too tight?

I"ve also seen some world saying 10 people will be too tight together well. I definitely need to fit 10 every table and also my caterers argued the 66 customs table for this reason I"m just taking your word on it because that now.


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I had ten in mine and also I can’t remember specifically how large my tables were but ten already does feel typically right



I agree v Caytlyn. 10 is doable, but 8 is more comfortable for sure. We had a max that 8 at each of our tables, some with just 6 and also they had actually plenty that room.


Can you execute 8-9 civilization instead? ns think 10 would certainly be fine if they were all youngsters or very skinny human being haha yet not if world need elbow room to eat and turn approximately to watch speeches, etc.

i just had actually my venue tasting this past Tuesday. Us were seated at a 66 customs round and also there were 10 ppl - we were no crowded at all. One 11th human being would have actually been too tight. The meet coordinator had previously called me 66 customs round seat 10 ppl and also 72 customs round seats 12 ppl.

The agency we rented from claimed if over there are average size world sitting in ~ a 66 inch round, 10 is fine. 11 is a squeeze out everyone will not be able to tuck under the table.

Thank you everyone for the rapid responses! I"m going come ask mine caterer if it"s feasible to move to 72" ring so it"s more comfortable to seat 10 at and also 11 at among them. I additionally want to leaving the option open to sneak a couple extra human being in if we have any kind of late responders!

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