Learn just how many coco chips room in a cup based on the size of the chips. Standard, mini, jumbo, and chunks have different counts every cup.

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Ever wondered how many cacao chips in a cup? If you lost your measure up cup or perform not very own a kitchen scale, don’t worry. Ns pulled out my measuring cup, scooped increase the cacao chips and also started counting.

How many coco chips in a cup? There are about 311 Nestle toll House consistent size coco chips in a cup. Yet if you readjust the size of the cacao chips or the brand, the count changes too.

Chocolate chips come in minis, traditional size, jumbos, and chunks. To number out how plenty of of each size of coco chips in a cup, i measured every the small pieces of chocolate and also then counted them.

You may likewise be interested in exactly how many cacao chips in an ounce and also how to melt chocolate chip in the microwave or how to melt them on the stove.


Chocolate Chip SizeCount in 1 Cup (6 oz)

What I used in the cacao Chip Count

Oxo kitchen scale. I used a kitchen range to get specifically 6 ounces of coco chips.Different sizes of coco chips. These included mini cacao chips, consistent size coco chips, jumbo coco chips, and chocolate chunks.

Experiment Procedures

Ingredients are constantly measured by either counting (number), volume (length, width, and height) or massive (weight). To get an exact count, I required to make sure I had actually a specific cup of chocolate chips. This is what ns did.


Step 1. Weigh 1 us cup of cacao chips.

One us cup of chocolate chips amounts to 6 ounces (or 170 grams). Through my kitchen scale, ns measured specifically 6 ounces (1 cup) of chocolate chips prior to I began counting them.

The only way to get precise measurements is through a kitchen scale. Always shot to weigh your ingredients as soon as you bake. If girlfriend don’t have a digital kitchen scale, I indicate buying one.

Using a kitchen range has numerous benefits. As soon as you sweet your ingredients, your baking will certainly be more consistent, accurate, and easy to scale.

Read an ext about why you shouldweigh her ingredients with a kitchen scaleinstead of measure by volume.

Step 2. Counting the chocolate chips and record the results.

After weighing 6 ounces of chocolate, ns counted the coco chips and provided the results. In addition, ns counted the variety of chips in ¾, ½, ⅓, and also ¼ cup sizes. Plus, I included the variety of chocolate chips in a tablespoon and also teaspoon.

Then I repeated for each size of cacao chips.

How countless Standard coco Chips in a Cup?

There are 311 Nestle Toll residence semi-sweet morsels in 1 united state cup.


1 cup = 311 coco chips¾ cup = 230 coco chips½ cup = 162 coco chips⅓ cup = 106 chocolate chips¼ cup = 80 cacao chips1 tbsp of chocolate chips = ½ ounce of coco chips = 28 chocolate chips1 teaspoon = 10 chocolate chips

How many Mini coco Chips in a Cup?

About 6½ mini semi-sweet coco chips same 1 morsel-sized cacao chip.

There are about 1,816 semi-sweet cacao mini chips in 1 cup.


1 cup = 1,816 mini chips¾ cup = 1,362 mini chips½ cup = 908 mini chips⅓ cup = 602 mini chips¼ cup = 454 mini chips1 tablespoon = 135 mini cacao chips1 tespoon = 54 mini coco chips

How numerous Jumbo Chips in a Cup?

Kroger store brand jumbo chocolate chips were supplied in this count. Just how do jumbo chips to compare to regular-sized morsels? around 1½ regular size coco chips fit into 1 jumbo cacao chip.

There are approximately 186 jumbo chocolate chips in 1 cup.


1 cup = 186 jumbo chips¾ cup = 139 jumbo chips½ cup = 93 jumbo chips⅓ cup = 61 jumbo chips¼ cup = 56 jumbo chips1 tablespoon = 16 jumbo chocolate chips1 teaspoon = 5 jumbo cacao chips

How Many coco Chunks in a Cup?

Approximately 2⅕ continuous size chocolate chips fit into one cacao chunk.

There are about 119 cacao chunks in 1 cup.

1 cup = 119 coco chunks¾ cup = 91 cacao chunks½ cup = 60 coco chunks⅓ cup = 42 cacao chunks¼ cup = 30 cacao chunks1 tablespoon = 9 cacao chunks1 tespoon = 4 cacao chunks

How numerous White coco Chips in a Cup?

By weight, there are 1⅓ white cacao chips in one semi-sweet chocolate morsel.

There are about 391 white coco chips in a cup.

1 cup = 391 white chips¾ cup = 294 white chips½ cup = 196 white chips⅓ cup = 131 white chips¼ cup = 98 white chips1 tablespoon = 25 white chips1 teaspoon = 8 white chips

How Many cacao Chips room in a 12 oz Bag?

If you have actually a parcel of chocolate chips, you might wonder exactly how many coco chips are in a 12 oz bag. Ns wondered that, so ns weighed the end 12 ounces of chocolate chips and also started counting. Approximately 626 Nestle toy fee House coco chip morsels room in a 12 oz bag of coco chips.

12 Ounces chocolate Chips equals How plenty of Cups?

Mass is the many effective method to measure ingredients. Specifically when you space baking. A great recipe will constantly include every ingredient’s weight.

But if you do not have actually a kitchen scale, you might need to understand how numerous cups amounts to 12 ounces of cacao chips. A bag through 12 ounces coco chips amounts to 2 cups.

Many coco chip brands create a 12-ounce bag of cacao chips. The 12-ounce bag is normally semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Nestle toll House, Hershey’s, Guittard, Ghirardelli, and Kroger all offer 12-ounce bags of semi-sweet coco chips. Rip the bag open up for a quick, simple two cups of chocolate chips.

However, if girlfriend move past semi-sweet chocolate chips, the bags of coco chips deserve to drop below 12 ounces. Hershey’s was the just brand I discovered that offered mini coco chips, semi-sweet, and also special dark coco in 12-ounce bags. Hershey’s milk chocolate measures 11.5 ounces.

Nestle toll House, Guittard, Ghirardelli, and also Kroger marketed bags ranging from 10 ounces to 12 ounces depending on the different varieties of chocolate and size of the cacao chips.

Darker arrays of coco chips tend to be offered in 10 oz. Bags. Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips come in 11.5 oz bags, yet bittersweet cacao chips came in just 10 oz bags. The load unit is noted on every bag of cacao chips.

Will this do a distinction in her recipe? girlfriend will more than likely not notification a big difference in your recipe. The bags are an extremely close come 2 cups of cacao chips. 2 cups is one of the most usual serving size of coco chips.

Most recipes for cacao chip cookies published on the chocolate chip bag will just call for the whole bag.

Is 8 oz of chocolate Chips One Cup?

There are just 6 ounces of chocolate chips in one cup. This might be confusing since 8 US liquid ounces amounts to 1 liquid cup. A dried cup measure and also a fluid cup measure up have various weights.

With dried ingredients, volume (the quantity of room the article takes up) is critical part the the weight. The volume of one cup of cacao chips does not weigh the very same as one cup of various other ingredients.

Chocolate chips, oats, brown sugar, and flour are good examples of food that do not sweet the same amount, also if their volume is the same.

Because that the variations in the load of dry ingredients, the is even more critical to use a kitchen range to weigh exact amounts. Particularly if you space baking a brand-new recipe.

How much is 8 Ounces of Chocolate?

Eight ounces of chocolate is 1⅓ cups. If a cooking recipes calls for 8 ounces that chocolate, you can use coco chips or baking cacao bars.

Chocolate bars come in various varieties. Unsweetened baking chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, sweet German chocolate, and white cacao are few of the baking chocolate varieties. A square of coco is normally ½ ounce. 2 squares of chocolate is 1 ounce.

Baking cacao found in grocery store stores commonly comes in 4 ounce bars. To gain a complete pound the chocolate, you will need 4 4-ounce bars of baking chocolate.

When a recipe calls for chocolate by weight, you can use baking cacao or cacao chips. Just be aware of the range of chip odor the recipe calls for.

For example, unsweetened cacao baking chips or unsweetened cocoa powder are feasible substitutes for unsweetened baking chocolate. Yet not for semi-sweet chocolate.

How perform I measure up 8 Ounces that Chocolate?

There are 3 ways to measure chocolate chips. The best means to measure 8 ounces of chocolate is to use a kitchen scale. You will always be precise when you usage a kitchen scale.

However, you may prefer to measure up by volume. 8 ounces of chocolate equal approximately 1⅓ cup of cacao chips.

How many Cups is 9 oz coco Chips?

9 oz of cacao chips amounts to 1½ us cups of coco chips.

More principles to Make your Baking Better

Conversions are vital when baking. But there space some other tips come follow because that even more success in the kitchen.

LEARNthe usual food substitutions in instance you room out of a cooking recipes ingredient.READeach recipe all the way through prior to you start cooking. Protect against surprises.

Hopefully you have actually gotten an ext out of this article that just how many cacao chips in a cup. There are countless important things to learn around baking that can make a difference in her success in the kitchen.


What is 6 oz of cacao chips in cups?

Six ounces of cacao equals 1 united state cup measurement. This is indistinguishable to 170 grams of cacao chips.

How much is 2 cup of chocolate chips in grams?

Two united state cups of coco chips equates to 340 grams. Most chocolate chips manufacturers produce bags the semi-sweet chocolate chips equal to 2 cup or 340 grams.

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Are unit dimensions for the cup the same around the world?

The United says measuring cups are not same to the cup dimensions used in various other countries. This deserve to lead to difficulties when you usage a cooking recipes from one nation with the measuring equipment from an additional country.Just to provide you one idea of how cups differ around the civilization …• 1 us legal cup (used in nutrition labeling) = 240 mL• 1 US typical cup (used in recipes) = 236.588 mL• 1 international metric cup = 250 mL• 1 royal cup = 284.131 mL

How do you store coco chips?

Store unopened bags of cacao chips in a dark place at room temperature.

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