You can see the listed below example to recognize what needs to it is in done.Example:24 H in a D.Ans. 24 hrs in a day.

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26 together of the A7 D the the W7 W that the W12 S that the Z66 B the the B52 C in a p (W J)13 S in the U S F18 H ~ above a G C39 B of the O T5 T ~ above a F90 D in a R A3 B M (S H T R)32 is the T in D F at which W F15 p in a R T3 W top top a T100 C in a D11 ns in a F (S) T12 M in a Y13 is U F S8 T on one O29 D in F in a together Y27 B in the N T365 D in a Y13 l in a B D52 W in a Y9 l of a C60 M in one H23 ns of C in the H B64 S top top a C B9 ns in S A6 B to an O in C1000 Y in a M15 M ~ above a D M C29 T in ns F T?5 l from A space V ??12 N in C2 E in F11 p in CT9 ns in U19 C in CB24 F in M3600 S in H29 S in I5 O in W3 S in W


26 together of the A: 26 letters of the Alphabet.7 D of the W: 7 days of the Week.7 W that the W: 7 marvels of the world.12 S that the Z: 12 signs of the zodiac.66 B of the B: 66 publications of the bible.52 C in a p (W J): 52 cards in a fill (without jokers).13 S in the U S F: 13 stripes in the United claims flag.18 H on a G C: 18 feet on a golf course.39 B that the O T: 39 books of the Old Testament.5 T on a F: 5 toes top top a foot.90 D in a R A: 90 degrees in a appropriate angel.3 B M (S H T R): 3 remote mice (see just how they run).32 is the T in D F at which W F: 32 is the temperature in levels Fahrenheit in ~ which water freezes.15 p in a R T: 15 football player in a rugby team.3 W ~ above a T: 3 wheel on a tricycle.100 C in a D: 100 cents in a dollar.11 p in a F (S) T: 11 football player in a soccer (soccer) team.12 M in a Y: 12 month in a year.13 is U F S: 13 is unlucky for some.8 T on an O: 8 tentacles on an octopus.29 D in F in a l Y: 29 job in February in a leap year.27 B in the N T: 27 publications in the new Testament.365 D in a Y: 365 work in a year.13 l in a B D: 13 loaves in a baker’s dozen52 W in a Y: 52 main in a year9 together of a C: 9 lives of a cat60 M in one H: 60 minutes in one hour23 p of C in the H B: 23 bag of chromosomes in the person body64 S top top a C B: 64 squares top top checkers board9 p in S A: 9 districts in southern Africa6 B come an O in C: 6 bowls come an over in cricket1000 Y in a M: 1000 years in a millennium15 M top top a D M C: 15 men on a dead man’s chest29 T in p F T: 29 tests in a physics Fitness Test (Not sure though, leaving answers in the comment section.5 together from A space V: 5 letters from Alphabet are Vowels12 N in C:12 number in a Clock.2 E in F: 2 eyes in a Face.11 p in CT: 11 football player in a Cricket Team9 ns in U: 9 Possibilities in Unnatural death. <9 Planets in universe is wrong. 9 planets in Solar system makes sense but that would be 9 ns in SS>19 C in CB: 19 Coins in a Carrom Board.24 F in M: 24 Frames in a Movie.3600 S in H: 3600 seconds in an Hour.29 S in I: 29 claims in India.5 O in W: 5 seas in the World.

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3 S in W: 3 Stumps in Wicket/ 3 states of Water.
100 C in a D 1000 Y in a M 11 ns in a F (S) T 12 M in a Y 12 S that the Z 13 is U F S 13 together in a B D 13 S in the U S F 15 M top top a D M C 15 ns in a R T 18 H ~ above a G C 23 ns of C in the H B 24 H in a D. Ans. 24 hrs in a day 26 l of the A 27 B in the N T 29 D in F in a l Y 29 T in p F T 3 B M (S H T R) 3 W top top a T 32 is the T in D F at which W F 365 D in a Y 39 B of the O T 5 together from A are V 5 together from A are V riddle prize 5 T on a F 52 C in a p (W J) 52 W in a Y 6 B come an O in C 60 M in one H 64 S top top a C B 64s that cb price 64S on CB 26 l of the A 7 D that the W 7 W the the W 12 S of the Z 52 C in a ns 18 H top top a G C 5 F top top a H 66 B of the B 7 D of the W 7 W of the W 8 T on an O 9 l of a C 9 p in S A 90 D in a R A answer to difficult riddles Answer to IAS test Puzzle answer to interview concerns Answer come whatsapp puzzles answers to test papers answers come whatsapp quiz answers come whatsapp riddles brain game riddles brain training puzzles brainbat an interpretation CAT concerns CAT tough questions CET tough exam questions difficulty your brain complete the series confusing riddles for whatsapp daunting brainteasers an overwhelming cat inquiries with answers complicated IAS questions an overwhelming interview questions fun brain puzzles fun brain quizzes fun riddles mind teasers an excellent riddles to forward to friends great whatsapp riddle Guess the word Guess the word riddles difficult mind puzzles ias concerns line forwards and also riddles mental puzzles riddles pictures puzzles games puzzle from photos puzzles and also mind gamings rebus riddles riddle brain teasers riddle website riddles and mind games riddles and also puzzles riddles for watsapp riddles because that whatsapp sms forwards remedies to whatsapp puzzle fix dis ..... For e.g 24 H in a D. Ans. 24 hrs in a day settle this equation hard CAT questions tough IIM questions challenging IIT interview questions challenging interview questions hard number Riddle whatsapp What am i What am ns WhatsApp Riddle What is words whatsapp answers whatsapp next number whatsapp puzzle answers whatsapp quiz answers Whatsapp Riddle whatsapp riddles and messages whatsapp riddles and also puzzles whatsapp riddles answers WhatsApp Riddles v Answers whatsapp riddles with equipment whatsapp systems whatsapp hard puzzle that am I who am i riddles that am ns whatsapp riddle who am i word riddle games word video game puzzle native riddle games