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The ESPN “30 for 30” documentary Unguarded profiles the gripping story of kris Herren – a former high college basketball star that went on to play in the NBA and also lost it all to a drug addiction that virtually ended his life.

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How to clock ‘Unguarded’ Online


Every film in the finish 30 because that 30 library, including Unguarded, deserve to be watched with a subscription come ESPN+.

It prices $4.99 per month, or if you additionally want Hulu and Disney+, you can get all 3 for $12.99 every month, which works out to 25 percent savings:

Get the ESPN+/Disney+/Hulu Bundle

Once signed up for ESPN+, you have the right to watch Unguarded top top your computer via the ESPN website, or you can watch on her phone (iOS or Android), tablet, Roku, Fire TV Stick, apple TV, Xbox One or various other compatible streaming an equipment via the ESPN app.

‘Unguarded’ 30 because that 30 Preview

The ESPN “30 for 30” documentary Unguarded is a film the profiles the gripping real-life roller-coaster trip of former high school basketball standout chris Herren.

The proud of loss River, Mass., Herren’s meteoric rise to basketball stardom fell to the hands of a 10-plus year medicine addiction that ended up nearly costing the his life.

From beforehand on, there was immense pressure ~ above the shoulders that Herren. In high school, that walked and also played in the footsteps that his dad who had been a captain and his older brother Mike who won back-to-back Massachusetts state titles.

“The burden of the city fell on his back, that’s a large thing to ask because that a 14-15-year-old kid,” said Herren’s girlfriend Bobby Eagan in the film.

Herren to be recruited by stack Pitino in ~ Kentucky, Mike Krzyzewski at Duke and Billy Donovan in ~ Florida, however decided to stay closer to home and attend Boston College.

The film paints the photo of the beginnings of Herren’s alcohol and drug abuse and also addiction, i beg your pardon escalated once he obtained into cocaine together a freshman at Boston College.

Herren’s university basketball career obtained off to an inauspicious start once he fell and also broke his wrist in his debut game with BC. Herren was ruled out for the season and would consequently fail a medicine test, which led to him leaving school.

Former Fresno State coach Jerry Tarkanian noted Herren through a 2nd chance by bringing him on to play because that the Bulldogs. In Fresno, Calif., Herren excelled under Tarkanian top top the basketball court yet his downward spiral continued off the court, resulting in him failing one more drug test and also being sent to rehab because that 28 days.

“There was just something around Chris. Ns loved Chris, but at the very same time, there was so lot hope yet so numerous times he damaged our heart,” coach Tarkanian express in the documentary.

Despite the baggage, the Denver Nuggets took a shot in ~ the can be fried talent as soon as they drafted Herren v the 33rd pick in the 1999 NBA Draft. He continued to be clean throughout his rookie season under the supervision and guidance that veteran team members such together Nick valve Exel and also Antonio McDyess.

After his an initial season, Herren went ago home come Massachusetts, and it was there the a friend presented him to the ache killer, OxyContin.

Herren’s desires came true when he to be traded to the Boston Celtics, yet his life to be spiraling the end of regulate off the court, together he dove further and further right into his medicine addiction.

The movie takes the viewer through the darkest periods of Herren’s life, together he walk from gift a expert athlete come bouncing native team to team overseas while binging on drugs, gift arrested many times, practically losing his life in one accident and all the while placing a significant strain on his family life v his wife and also children.

“He’d come to the Providence Journal, whereby I worked, and also he’d speak things choose my children are in the dark,” said Bill Reynolds, the writer of “Basketball Junkie.”

“They have actually no heat, there’s no TV, lock keep turning the TV off, but the tone was this desperation, total desperation. And I would offer him every little thing I would give him, and we would talk. And he would break her heart. Due to the fact that not just did i care around him yet I likewise knew how far he had fallen. Ns knew his strengths, i knew the charisma he had had. He was everybody’s darling there because that so long, and every one of a sudden it’s the antithesis that that. It’s a young guy with no money in a automobile that’s falling apart, with youngsters in the ago seat, and he’s desperate. It’s a dreadful thing come witness.”

Herren ultimately turned the corner when he uncovered himself throughout a rehab stint following the bear of his third child.

“That tiny room is where I had to discover my soul, that little room is whereby I had to sit by myself for hours and hours and also hours and I had to asking myself am i a dad, am ns a husband, am i a son, or am i a junkie,” stated Herren.

Having since gained his sobriety, Herren has actually been ~ above a roadway to redemption, delivering his story together a motivational speak to other addicts, students and soldiers. He likewise has come full circle, acquisition up coaching the game of basketball come younger generations.

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“I think Chris’ greatest talent in life is what he’s doing now, is help people, particularly kids, the method he to be able to simply grab them, tell them to believe in themselves and to not give up,” said his girlfriend Jeff Carron in the film. “And that was treating these youngsters like they to be his younger brother, and also he had actually never met these kids before. And that’s a gift.”

“Unguarded” was directed through eight-time Emmy Award-winning producer, director, writer and editor Jonathan Hock, that has developed multiple other ESPN 30 because that 30s consisting of Survive and Advance, The finest That never ever Was, Of Miracles and also Men, One and also Not Done, and also The Dominican Dream.

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