Toyota is one of the most well-known automakers in the world. It was actually the an initial manufacturer to produce much more than 10 million vehicles every year, i m sorry it completed all the means back in 2012. They additionally have the best-selling car model of every time, the Toyota Corolla, which has sold fine over 40 million vehicles around the world. It"s for sure to say that everyone establish Toyota once they check out it, and also they have a reputation for quality and reliability in your vehicles.

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Auto Repairs space EXPENSIVE

Just since a agency is known for their reliability doesn"t average that they space devoid of difficulties with their models. No agency can make over 200 million vehicles in their lifetime and not have actually a few lemons in the batch. End the years, miscellaneous Toyota models have been plagued with concerns including difficulties relating to the time belt. That"s to be expected, due to the fact that no automobile is ever perfect. That said, they"re no terribly unreliable by any kind of means. However it"s worth understanding which Toyota models have had problems with their timing belts in the past so that, if you"re in the sector for a brand-new Toyota, you"ll know which people to avoid in stimulate to conserve yourself a little of grief.


One the the most important things to understand about how the timing belt or the time chain functions on her Toyota is come know an initial of every whether it has actually a time belt or a timing chain. Some Toyotas use the rubber belt, if others have actually metal chains. Toyota has collection up a website that you can inspect out come let you know whether or not the car you"re driving actually has a chain or a belt. 


Timing Belt vs timing Chain


A time belt performs the same role as a time chain. The difference in between the 2 is what they"re do of and also how lengthy they last. Time belts space made of rubber and as such room subject to a little much more when they space then a time chain i beg your pardon is make from metal.


When vehicles were very first manufactured through timing chains, they were all made the metal. It was roughly the 1970s as soon as manufacturers began putting into place cost-cutting actions to reduced the price the vehicles overall. Remember, this was the moment of the oil crisis, and also consumers spring for much better deals top top many assets while manufacturers were looking at ways to maximize revenues by cutting under on materials and using cheaper alternatives.


Auto manufacturers changed the costlier timing chain with a much simpler timing belt. Do of rubber, these are designed to manage the high warm of your engine and they execute last because that upwards of 100,000 mile under appropriate conditions.


These days, many manufacturers space getting earlier into utilizing timing chains quite than timing belts. They are much an ext resilient and should have the ability to last the life of your vehicle noted nothing goes too terribly wrong. They do cost a small bit more but contrasted to how frequently you would must replace one the expense can even out. 


If you examine out that link, we listed you"ll watch that Toyota has actually a wide variety of chains and belts throughout all of your models, depending on the year. Some models walk from chain to belts to chains again over the course of several version years.


At the end of the day, a time chain or timing belt both accomplish the very same task, and both are incredibly integral to the means your Toyota engine operates.


Starting at around 2010 or so, most Toyota models switched from time belts to timing chains. It"s not a hard-and-fast ascendancy of thumb, but it go cover many vehicles. You"ll have to check your owner"s hands-on to be certain if you"re no one hundred percent right now, and with some older models there is a little of variation. 


Toyota 4Runner: If you have a Toyota 4Runner made between 1990 and also 2000 that use the timing chain if it to be a 4-cylinder, however a time belt if it to be a V6. 


Toyota 86: The 2013 come 2020 models of the Toyota 86 all have actually timing chains in the four-cylinder engine. 


Toyota Avalon: Toyota Avalons made until 2004 offered timing belts, and then afterwards they switched to time chains. 


Toyota Camry: Toyota Camrys made from 1990 come 2001 all supplied timing belts. Between 2002 and 2006 the four cylinders switched to timing chains if the 6-cylinder remained at a timing belt. And also then indigenous 2007 on where they went ago to timing chains again.


Toyota Corolla: Corolla switched end to time chains a little bit sooner than some other models did. Native 1990 till 1997 lock were using the timing belt. After ~ 1998 all Toyota Corolla models regardless of engine form switched to using timing chains. The said, a Toyota Corolla IM used a timing belt.


Toyota Highlander: native 2001 come 2007 the four-cylinder Highlander engine provided the time chain, if the V6 provided the time belt. Beginning in the 2008 design year these every switch end to the timing chain as well. This was virtually the exact same for the hybrid version other than hybrids switched to chain in 2011. 


Toyota land Cruiser: at an early stage Land Cruisers actually usage the gear rather than a chain. The was native 1990 it rotates 1992. They switch to adjust from 93 to 97. Belts took end from 98 it rotates 2007 and then after that they switch back to the chain again. Floor Cruisers are plainly a tiny confusing.


Toyota Prius: all Toyota Prius models use timing chains.


Toyota RAV4: native 1996 to 2000 the RAV4 offered a timing belt and also then the switched to the time chain. The timing chain in the V6 didn"t come in until 2006, however. The RAV4 EV doesn"t use either one due to the fact that it"s an electrical vehicle and also it doesn"t call for one.


Toyota Sequoia: indigenous 2001 come 2009 the V8 Toyota Sequoia offered a belt. The switched to the chain ~ that.


Toyota Sienna: The V6 Toyota Sienna used a timing belt from 1988 until 2006. After the it switched over to the timing chain.


Toyota Tacoma: The four-cylinder version of the Toyota Tacoma has actually used a timing chain since back in 1995. The V6 used a timing belt till 2004, and also then that switched end to the chain.


Toyota Tundra: The Toyota Tundra has actually been everywhere the map v belts and also chains. The V6 and the V8 supplied belts in the at an early stage 2000s and then switched to chains midway through. 


Toyota Yaris: The Toyota Yaris has actually used the timing chain since earlier in 2007.


What Does my Toyota’s timing Belt or Chain Do?


A timing belt works by synchronizing the movement in between the crankshaft and a camshaft in her car"s engine. Without the timing belt or timing chain, her engine will not function at all. If other is to go wrong v your time belt, that could reason some catastrophic damages to your engine as a result. If the belt slips turn off entirely and also you have actually what is called an interference engine, the crankshaft can keep transforming even despite the camshaft is not synchronized v it, that can end up causing the valves and cylinders to keep moving in the not correct time. That could lead to a really costly repair and also effectively break your engine. Suffice it come say, friend don"t desire that to happen.

Symptoms the a negative Timing Belt


As us said, once the time belt breaks or slips turn off a gear, you have actually the potential to reason incredible damage to your engine which could end up costing you thousands of dollars to repair. Ideally, you want to avoid any type of problems prefer that before they obtain that far. V that in mind, there are some symptoms you have the right to be on the lookout for in her Toyota come let you recognize that your timing belts may be causing problems.


Engine Misfires: If part teeth have actually slipped off her timing belt, it might not be able to keep her camshaft in your crankshaft precisely working in order. That method you may end up having the valves and also cylinders moving in the wrong order. If the happens, you could end up through a significant engine misfire. A misfire occurs as soon as the fuel and also air mixture doesn"t gain injected right into the combustion chamber at the specific right time. The spark can"t ignite the mixture and you finish up no having combustion occurring. That means your engine will shed power equal to how many cylinders you have in your engine in ~ the time. So, a 4-cylinder engine will lose 1/4 power since one the the four cylinders didn"t fire correctly.


Rough Idling: This is what happens when your automobile shakes and vibrates when you"re sitting at idle seemingly for no reason. This regularly happens as soon as the this come loose from the time belt and also fall into the gears bring about the disruption.


Low Oil Pressure: If those teeth have fallen off of your timing belt, they deserve to clog up the oil pan below. The will prevent oil native circulating effectively through the engine, reducing soil pressure and potentially resulting in your engine come overheat.


Noises: This is among the most easily identifiable methods to determine something has actually gone wrong through your timing belt. A bad timing belt will start creating a humming or whirring sound, also a ticking sound the is external the common for what you"re provided to in her vehicle. It will certainly be a fast-paced noise, and something that appears suddenly. You"ll require to gain your engine checked quickly if you begin hearing the sound because it typically method there"s only a short. Of time left prior to your time belt division completely.


Toyota time Belt instead of Cost


While a time belt doesn"t seem choose it"s a very complicated piece that technology, the expense of replacing one is regularly much an ext than most drivers realize if they"ve never ever experienced the problem before. Replacing a time belt can often expense anywhere indigenous $500 as much as $2,000. In a vehicle like a Toyota Camry the cost of instead of a time belt often tends to it is in in the neighbourhood that $400 come $900. Because that something favor a Toyota Tundra, girlfriend may finish up spending end $1,100. Also if girlfriend buy the instead of belt you yourself you might end increase spending at least $600 to $800 just in the work cost.

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This is wherein the cost of the timing belt replacement yes, really gets you because that a Toyota. As we said, it"s a very straightforward piece the technology, but the procedure of getting into where the timing belt is to replace it is where the trouble lies. Getting into her engine compartment to take the end the timing belt is an extensive process. The takes some job-related to obtain down in there. 


Replacing the timing belt is something the is often done in associate with various other jobs because of exactly how deep into the vehicle"s engine you need to get. The most common repair done alongside this is replacing her water pump. That"s due to the fact that the water pump is right next to where the timing belts will connect to the crankshaft and also camshaft, and also it has a lifespan the is on par through a time belt. It makes sense to fix them with each other and, in fact, if you had actually to AutoZone and look because that a timing belt you"ll check out that they"re frequently sold in kits v the water pump because replacing these two together is so commonplace the they"re simply bundled as one.


The Bottom Line


Because for this reason many modern-day Toyotas usage timing chains fairly than time belts, you regularly don"t have to worry around newer models having actually the same problems. That"s no to say the a time chain can"t have problems, but they are much less constant then time belt issues. Based upon the list we listed above you can see whether or no you have actually a timing belt or a timing chain in your car if you"re no sure. That can help you diagnose concerns you might be enduring in her vehicle, together these misfires or stormy idling are much less likely to it is in the an outcome of troubles with a time chain walking wrong than a timing belt.