Usually, as soon as most chauffeurs see a dashboard warning light come on, they panic. Chauffeurs tend to think the a dashboard warning light will mean costly repair of their offered Acura sedans. However, not every warning irradiate is the bearer of negative news or far-reaching malfunctions. Most of the time, a warning light can mean that a system has actually been activated.

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Let"s learn more about these tricky little indicators by trying out the Acura warning lights system and also their meanings.


Brake System

When you view this symbol show up on your dash, that is generally an indication that your brake liquid is low. Visit ours DCH Montclair Acura organization team for rapid brake fluid replacement. If this light stays on, there is a possibility that over there is a break down in the brake system. Gently push your brake pedal to inspect pedal pressure. If abnormal, visit our knowledgeable maintain team to have your vehicle"s equipment checked.


Low Oil Pressure

When this light come on, it"s typically an indicator the your oil push is low. When this happens, prevent in a for sure place and also check her oil level - add oil if necessary. If her indicator walk not revolve off, visit our company team to have actually your automobile inspected immediately.


Check Engine Light

When you check out this light come on, it"s one indicator that your emission control system may have a problem. If the symbol starts to blink, the usually suggests that the engine has misfired. Avoid in a for sure place and wait for her engine to cool down before continuing come drive.


Charging System

This is typically an indication that your Acura"s battery is no charging. Rotate off all electric items except for your vehicle to prevent further battery discharge. Protect against by ours DCH Acura Montclair dealership for a brand-new car battery.


Anti-Lock Brake System

This light shows that there is a difficulty with her anti-lock brake system. Your vehicle will still have the traditional braking ability, but no anti-lock brakes space functioning. This device will usually must be inspected.

Supplemental Restraint System

When this light come on, over there is a problem with among the airbag equipment or chair belt tensioners. This mechanism will not avoid you indigenous driving about town, however you should have actually a certified mechanic twin check her airbag system before it"s as well late.

Speed-Sensitive electric Power Steering

When this light shows up on your dash, it generally will indicate that there is a trouble with your electric power steering system. Come correct, protect against in a safe place and restart the engine.

Tire push Monitoring System

When this light comes on, over there is a trouble with among your tires. Usually, one of your tires has actually fallen listed below recommended PSI. When this happens, protect against in a for sure place and also inspect your tires for punctures. If girlfriend don"t see a trouble area, bring your tires back up to the encourage PSI.

Vehicle Stability aid System

If this light is blinking, then your automobile Stability help System is activated. If the light comes on, there is an worry with her VSA system or the hill start assist system.

Brake System

When this light come on, there is a difficulty with among the braking systems. You have to avoid high speeds and sudden braking until you have the right to have a certified technician look at over your car.

Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive™ (SH-AWD)

If you have actually this mechanism activated in your Acura vehicle, and this dash light come on, then there is a trouble with your All-Wheel journey system.

Blind point out Information

This dash light indicates that there is a problem with the BSI system. This might be a problem with the system, or it could mean the the sensor is blocked.

Electric Parking Brake System

This indicator will let you recognize if her parking brake is activated. Release your parking brake prior to driving. If you relax the brake and also the light is still on, climate you should have actually your automobile checked by a certified technician.

Collision Mitigation Braking System™

When the Collision Mitigation Braking mechanism light turns on, over there is a trouble with the system. One of two people the system"s interior temperature is too high, or the camera is blocked by something. Typically, this irradiate coming on method the system is turn off.

Lane exit Warning

When this indicator light comes on, the usually means there is a trouble with the Lane exit Warning. That usually way the temperature is too high, or the sensor is blocked.

Immobilizer/Security System

When this key-shaped light illuminates, her remote transmitter can not be recognized by the vehicle. If the indicator irradiate blinks, you may not have the ability to start the engine. Shot turning your auto off and on again. If the indicator continues to flash, there may be a problem with the system, and you should lug your Acura come our team at DCH Montclair Acura.

<1>Based on 2021 EPA purpose of use ratings. Usage for to compare purposes. Your actual mileage will certainly vary, depending on how you drive and maintain her vehicle, control conditions, battery pack age/condition (hybrid only) and other factors.<2>Based ~ above 2020 EPA usage ratings. Use for compare purposes. Your actual mileage will certainly vary, depending upon how girlfriend drive and maintain her vehicle, driving conditions, battery load age/condition (hybrid only) and also other factors.<3>Government 5-Star vehicle Scores are component of the nationwide Highway Traffic safety Administration"s (NHTSA"s) new Car evaluate Program. For extr information ~ above the 5-Star safety Ratings program, please visit www.safercar.gov.<4>VSA is no a instead of for safe driving. It can not correct the vehicle"s course in every instance or compensate because that reckless driving. Manage of the vehicle always remains through the driver.

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<5>LKAS only assists driver in maintaining proper lane position as soon as lane markings are established without a rotate signal in use and also can only apply mild steering torque come assist. LKAS might not finding all roadway markings; accuracy will vary based upon weather, speed and road condition. Device operation impacted by too much interior heat. Driver stays responsible because that safely operating vehicle and avoiding collisions.