The Toyota Highlander’s maint reqd light shows a organization interval has actually been met. This intervals occur at mileage or time intervals (typically every 5000 miles/6 months). The maintenance required light is conventional in all newer Toyota vehicles, and also helps insure long life and dependability by do sure manufacturing facility maintenance intervals space met.

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Toyota Highlander: Maintenance required Light Meaning

The maint reqd light method that Toyota recommends servicing her Highlander soon. Depending upon what the car mileage is when the light came on, it could mean that any of the following maintenance is needed:

Engine oil adjust Fluid check Tire Rotation Multi-point investigate Wiper inspection/and or replacement change cabin wait filter check steering system

Here is a full detailed list of the recommended mileage and also service straight from Toyota. This is a share list. It’s always a an excellent idea to get one printed from the dealer because that your specific model year Highlander if you space planning on acquisition the maintain on yourself.

Toyota Highlander Maint Reqd Light

Nearly every make and model year the Toyota automobile has the same procedure to reset the maintenance compelled light.

turn the crucial to the on position with the odometer showing. Press and also hold the odometer button. Rotate the key to the off position while tho holding the odometer button. There is no releasing the odometer button, rotate the crucial to the operation position. Wait a couple of seconds for the irradiate to revolve off.

If this procedure did not work-related for you, a choose amount the Toyota vehicles require the odometer to it is in on expedition A instead of the key odometer.

Here’s a wonderful video native ChrisFix on resetting the light. City hall is sometimes simpler than reading.

Highlander Maint Reqd Light usual Questions

Here are several of the most typical questions about the Highlander’s maintenance forced light:


Is Maintenance forced the exact same as inspect Engine?

No, the maintenance forced light is different than the check engine light. The examine engine irradiate is over there to permit you understand that there is aknown problem. If friend hook a password scanner to the OBD2 port, friend will gain a trouble code that lets you understand which sensor has sent prompted the inspect engine light.

With the maint reqd light, there is no problem code. That is letting you understand that Toyota is recommending the the auto come in because that maintenance and inspection to keep from having problems.

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Can ns Drive with the Maintenance forced Light On?

You most definitely can drive your Highlander v the maint reqd light on. Typically, it come on in at 4500 miles because that a 5000 mile service. The will eventually flash at you as soon as you are acquiring closer come the 5000 miles side so the you’ll go in and also have it serviced. Girlfriend still require to have actually the maintenance done in a fashionable fashion though.

Summary/Conclusion: Toyota Highlander Maint Reqd Light

The maintenance forced light is various than the inspect engine light. The is letting you understand Toyota is saying it come in at that time. You have the right to reset this irradiate yourself.

The maint reqd light is naught to problem about. Just have your Toyota Highlander carried in and also maintained. Or ask your dealer for a print out the the specific schedule because that your version year if you room the DIY type. If there is anything that you would choose to add, please feel cost-free to leave a comment. Good luck!