Replacing the fuel filter in her Ford F-150 is a really important simple maintenance. Below is exactly how to do it yourself and also save some money.

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This articles uses to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014).

Poor gas purpose of use is no drive in the park. If you have actually been experiencing bad fuel economy or slow moving acceleration in your F-150, this might be a red flag telling you that your fuel filter requirements to be replaced. A dirty filter deserve to wreak destruction on your injectors which, in turn, will force your automobile to job-related harder 보다 usual. Transforming your fuel filter is recommended maintenance that can be performed about every 10,000 miles or so. If you doubt you filled increase on a batch the questionable fuel, it is in your best interest to adjust your filter immediately. This is a reasonably simple task that have the right to be performed by a novice truck owner or tackled by a regional mechanic. Just how you pick to take care of it is totally up come you. Listed below you will discover a fast walk through the process.


MaterialsNew filterMedium flathead screwdriverTowelsRubber mallet5/16 line compression remove tool

Step 1 - relax the push from the fuel system

Begin this action by removed the fuse cover situated under the hood on the driver side, and also tripping the inertia fuel reset switch which should have a red rubber optimal as presented below.


Figure 1. Relieve the pressure.

This is just one of the couple of maintenance routines you must perform through your engine running. Friend should have the ability to disable the switch by tapping the in the middle with the finish of her rubber mallet. You will recognize you have actually been successful in act so as soon as the motor gives out.

Step 2 - eliminate the fuel filter

Refer come the section in her F-150 the is just under the driver’s side door to locate your fuel filter. It looks favor this:


Figure 2. Eliminate the fuel filter.

To remove it, unhook the metal retaining clip and position the heat compression removal tool so that it rests ~ above the filter’s front end. From there, use a tiny little of pressure, slide the line compression removed tool right into the heat fitting till it slides off. (Keep her towels handy as fuel tends to gush out throughout this step.) You will then repeat this procedure in the rear of the filter, using as little pressure together possible. As soon as both end of the line fitting have actually been removed, use your flat blade driver to disconnect the dirty filter.

Step 3 - replace the filter

Figure 3. Download the new filter.

Replace the worn filter v a brand new one, being mindful to position it so that the flow arrowhead is pointing in the direction of the front end of your F-150. As soon as the new filter is in place, reconnect the front line and also hook the retaining clip earlier into that is position. Repeat this process for the behind line.

Step 4 - Reset and also test

Figure 4. Reset and test.

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With the new filter in place, friend are totally free to reset the inertia switch by clicking the red button once more. Bike the ignition a couple of times prior to checking because that leakage and also remember to save the engine to run when testing out your new filter.