Locations for 2004 Taurus Sable fuse box

Locations because that 2004 Taurus Sable fuse box. The underhood fuse crate is dubbed a Battery Junction box and also is situated on the driver’s next of the engine compartment next to the battery (Rocket science to speak to it a battery junction box due to the fact that it’s next to the battery).

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The various other fuse box is situated under the driver’s next of the dash. This fuse crate is referred to as the clever Junction box.

2004 Taurus and Sable Fuse box — Battery Junction Box


2004 Ford Taurus Mercury Sable Battery Junction box

2004 Mercury SableBattery Junction Box

Fuse Amps Circuits protected

FB 175 Battery Junction Box, Generator

F1.01 60 smart Junction Box

F1.02 30 PCM strength relay

F1.03 60 smart Junction Box

F1.04 10 Engine cooling fan motor 1

F1.05 40 Engine cooling pan motor

F1.06 no used

F1.07 40 Starter relay, Ignition switch

F1.08 not used

F1.09 20 Engine cooling fan brake relay

F1.10 20 Engine cooling pan motor 2

F1.11 50 Rear window defrost relay 2

F1.12 no used

F1.13 40 ABS manage rnodule

F1.14 no used

F1.15 20 ABS regulate module

F1.16 Fuel pump relay

F1.17 20 Rear control Unit, CD changer

F1.18 not supplied (3.0L 4V and Early production 3.0L 2V )

F1.18 10 Powertrain control Module (PCM), A/C clutch relay, Idle Air control valve (Late production 3.0L 2V

F1.19 not used

F1.20 no used

F1.21 not used

F1.22 10 Powertrain control Module (PCM), A/C clutch relay, Idle Air regulate (IAC) valve (3.0L 4V and Early production 3.0L 2V )

F1.22 5 confident crankcase ventilation heater (Late production 3.. 2V )

F1.26 10 Generator

F1.27 Rear regulate Unit, P3230 3016352 module

F1.28 15 AX4S/4F5ON Transmission, A/C clutch relay, Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister vent val. Oxygen sensor (02S), massive Air flow (MAF) sensor

Fuse box — clever Junction Box located under the dash top top driver’s side


Fuse Amps Circuits protected

F2.07 20 Rear window defrost relay


2004 Ford Taurus & Mercury Sable fuse box

F2.08 40 Blower motor relay

F2.10 30 c.b. Accessory relay. Adjustable pedal move (9G604), Seat change switch

F2.11 10 Headlamp, left (13008), short beam

F2.12 15 Headlamp, right (13008), Headlamp,left (13008), High beams

F2.13 no used

F2.14 not used

F2.15 10 Headlamp, appropriate (13008), short beam

F2.16 10 Fog desk lamp relay

F2.17 15 Deactivator switch (9F924). Brake pedal place switch (13480)

F2.18 15 Autolamp park relay, main light switch (11654)

F2.19 10 integrated control dashboard (180858), healed mirrors

F2.20 10 Restraints manage module (1413321), Seat load sensor module (140422)

F2.21 15 Digital Transmission selection (DTR) sensor (7F293)

F2.22 15 Windshield washer relay, behind wiper motor assembly (17764), Rear home window washer pump engine (17404), Rear window wiper/washer move (17A404), integrated control panel (180858), Electrochromatic within m.11.1(17700), Instrument cluster (10849), smart Junction crate (SJB) (148476), warm in run or Acc

F2.23 30 Wiper runfpark relay, Wiper hightlow relay, Windshield wiper motor (17500)

F2.24 not used

F2.25 20 Cigar lighter, front (15055)

F2.26 20 Door .k relay, Door unlock relay, Driver door unlock relay, Llftgate un-lock relay

F2.27 10 Rear home window defrost relay. Speed manage servo (9C735), ABS regulate module (20346), Brake transition Interlock (3Z719), Traction control switch (20355), Temperature blend door actuator (19E616), role selector move assembly (196858)

Fuse Amps Circuits protect.

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F2.28 15 Digital Transmission range (DTR) sensor (7F293), Multifunction switch (13K359)

F2.29 20 Power suggest (19N236)

F2.30 10 interior lamps relay, Battery saver relay, luggage compartment desk lamp (13A756), Exterior rear check out mirror move (178676), Pulse stretcher module. Strength antenna module (19A018)

F2.31 10 far Climate manage (RCC) module (18C612), Blower engine relay, integrated control panel (18C858), puddle lamp relay, short OM. Pro.’ bon switch

F2.32 10 Instrument cluster (10849), integrated control panel (18C858), versatile fuel sensor module (14A069), smart Junction box (SJB) (14B476), warm In start or Run

F2.33 15 remote Climate regulate (RCC) module (18C612). Instrument swarm (10849), Multifunction move (13K359), integrated control dashboard (18C858), smart Junction crate (SJB) (14B476) B+

F2.34 clever Junction box (SJB) (148476), warm in Start

F2.35 10 key light move (11654) come Illumination

F2.36 PCM strength relay

F2.37 25 Autolamp headlamp relay, Multifunction switch (13K359), DRL

F2.38 15 Data link Connector (DLC) (14489), Hom relay

F2.39 not used

F2.40 not used

F2.41 no used

F2.42 not used







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