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I freshly purchased a 2004.5 cummins and also just walk an oil change. I Filled the oil filter up and filled the motor v the continuing to be 11 quarts(3 gallon total).I ran the truck for a couple of minutes, confirm for leaks and shut the off. Once I went ago 20 minute later before taking off I checked the dipstick and it was just shy of the add line. Is this typical or is my dipstick screwed up> i didn"t want to include 2 quarts to to fill it to the height of the safe line if it to be going to overfill it. Any help is appreciated.Thank You.
Check that in the morning. Not sure where it every hides, however both my 2d gen and also this one were low when checking at a fuel stop. Well in the am...

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I post awhile takes follow me time for every the oil in this cummins to flow ago to the pan. Girlfriend can"t wait a couple of minutes like you have the right to in gas engines because that it come drain earlier down.
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Takes fairly a bit of time because that the Oil to go back to the pan.Like claimed above, check after sitting end night.And perform so top top a relatively level surface, A tiny incline reflects a huge difference ~ above the stick.
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12 quarts/3 gallons. No more. No less. Huge waste the time to do the check dipstick and add small amounts that oil thing.
I recently purchased a 2004.5 cummins and just walk an oil change. I Filled the oil filter up and filled the motor with the remaining 11 quarts(3 gallon total).I ran the truck because that a couple of minutes, checked for leaks and also shut the off. As soon as I went ago 20 minutes later before taking off I confirm the dipstick and also it was just shy that the include line. Is this regular or is my dipstick screwed up> i didn"t want to add 2 quarts to to fill it come the peak of the safe line if it to be going come overfill it. Any assist is appreciated.Thank You.

See more: How Many Grams Is A Ring Weights, Value Of 14K Gold Ring constantly do 12.5+/- quarts.
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