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I have actually a 2003 Silverado and also am having actually a trouble with my instrument cluster. It"s not the typical problem. The problem is, I have the right to not acquire the mileage come display. The only screen I obtain is "Language:" and also it continually cycles in between French, Spanish and English. I do not have the DIC type. I"ve tried pushing the odometer reset stem yet get no change. Ns thought maybe the odometer reset switch was stuck so ns pulled the cluster and ohmed the end the switch, no problems there. When I plugged the cluster ago in the odometer briefly shown the mileage and hours prior to permanently going ago to the language mode. Has actually anyone heard that this? I"m guessing that is time to gain a rebuilt cluster yet thought I must ask for recommend first. Any kind of suggestions? Thanks


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Thanks for her replies. I"m no the initial owner but don"t think anything electrical has to be done come the vehicle. I"m guessing the language choice circuitry is in the cluster and that"s whereby the problem lies. I hope ns am not wrong. I found a kind price for a rebuilt swarm on the internet so i ordered it a few days ago. I have my fingers crossed.
For anyone who can have this same problem, I fixed it by acquiring a rebuilt tool cluster.Thanks for those that helped.
I simply wanted to include the I have the same trouble on my 2004 GMC Sierra 1500. Sometimes, the behaves normally but it usually goes earlier to scrolling v language settings. Also, it sometime lands top top one view choice (odometer, expedition mileage, hours, et cetera) in the not correct language.Can I just install a rebuilt cluster? I thought this had actually to be excellent at the dealer therefore they can collection my odometer properly and also the serial bus establish the new cluster serial number, as the VIN"s/serial number won"t match?Joe

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So, in my search throughout the large Internet concerning this language scrolling problem, i haven"t viewed much. I really didn"t want to invest the cash obtaining a new cluster in ~ the dealer or putting in a rebuilt one. NO ONE appears to have a equipment for this and also it DOESN"T seem like it"s a usual enough trouble for anyone come care. So, for those couple of people the end there who have this problem, ns hope your search lands you here on this thread, in this forum. This is because that you...My cluster appears to have gained into a corrupted state. Here"s a re-cap the my unsuccessful repair attempts:1. I tried disconnecting the battery overnight.(I think there is some sort of capacitance preserving a fee on/in the circuit board, therefore disconnecting the battery overnight didn"t help.)2. Ns tried disconnecting the electrical connector ~ above the back.(I think that disconnecting the electric connector ~ above the earlier and then re-connecting led to the cluster to boot into an stormy state. That"s due to the fact that it"s linked to the serial bus and also there"s no informing what was going on through the bus when I plugged it ago in.)3. I tried opened up the unit come look for obvious signs of negative components.Not come worry, though, trouble FIXED!!! Here"s what you must do to reset the cluster:1. Disconnect battery terminal2. Unplug electric connector top top the back of the cluster3. Re-connect the electrical connector top top the earlier of the cluster4. Re-connect battery terminalIt have to now be in the default state. That course, this just addresses the language scrolling issue. Remember, you have to do EVERY action in the ahead procedure. I know a lot of people have disconnected their batteries thinking it would certainly reset it; ns have. The combination above appears to work. That course, I"ll update this subject if other changes and the solve doesn"t keep, but so far so good...One an ext note, you re welcome don"t refute the resolve if friend haven"t tried it. You don"t have to do it; simply go under to her dealer and also give him $500 for a new cluster. (Incidentally, when the dealer put in the brand-new cluster, aren"t castle doing the same steps as above?...)Joe