A. The engine compartment (1999-2001 / 2002-2008)B. The passenger compartmentC. The luggage compartment (1999-2001 / 2002-2008)

Engine compartment fuse box (1999-2001)


The fuse crate is located in the engine compartment on the right-hand side adjacent to the windscreen to wash reservoir.Remove the fuse crate lid by pressing the retaining lugs and lifting.When refitting, press the fuse box lid in the area of the retaining lugs until the lid engages.

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110Air conditioning clutch (auxiliary water pump - V8engine only)
210Windshield washer pump
315Fog lamps, LH/RH
520Fuel injection
615Transmission solenoid
7-Not used
8-Not used
9-Not used
10-Not used
1115Heated oxygen sensors, air conditioning clutch coilrelay
1210Coil on plugs
1340LH heated windshield
1430ABS module
1540RH heated windshield or cook wiper park
1630Blower motor
17-Not used
1840Powertrain manage Module (PCM)
19-Not used
20-Not used
2130Starter solenoid
2230ABS motor
2320Wiper motor
2430Headlamp washer pump
2580Cooling pan motor
D1Powertrain manage diode
R1Wiper high/low relay
R2Wiper park relay
R3Powertrain regulate relay 2
R4Throttle regulate relay
R5Auxiliary coolant pump relay (v8)
R6Horn relay
R7Front fog lamp relay
R8A/C compressor clutch relay
R10Blower engine relay
R11Wiper park heater relay orRH windshield heater relay
R12LH windshield heater relay
R13Powerwash relay
R14Powertrain control relay 1
R15Starter relay


The fuse crate is situated in the engine compartment on the right-hand side nearby to the windscreen wash reservoir.Remove the fuse crate lid by pressing the retaining lugs and lifting.When refitting, press the fuse box lid in the area the the retaining lugs till the lid engages.

F152006-2008: ABS B+
F252004-2008: Engine administration System (EMS) (2006-2008), Engine manage Module (battery supply) (Diesel only), Vacuum solenoid (2006-2008)
F3 202004-2008: assistant fuel fired heater (Diesel only)
F4202006-2008: ABS valves, vbatt
F5-Not used
F6-Not used
F7-Not used
F8-Not used
F9502002-2003: Engine monitoring system strength supply2004-2005: Petrol - cook oxygen sensors, throttle,ignition, engine management system relays. Diesel - Engine monitoring system relay (2004)2006-2008: heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensors, ignition EMSrelays. Diesel/petrol - EMS relays, Supercharger water pump relay.
F10-Not used
F1130Headlamp powerwash
F1380Cooling fan
F1415Right-hand dipped beam high strongness discharge (HID)lamp
F1515Front fog lamps
F1715Fuel injectors
F18202002-2005: throttle motor
102006-2008: Engine monitoring ignition supply
F19102002-2003: Ignition coil top top plugs supply2004-2005: Petrol - Ignition coil ~ above plugs supply, capacitor,HEGO Relay coil. Diesel - pressure control valve, volume control valve (2004)2006-2008: Diesel - Pressure regulate valve, volume controlvalve
152006-2008: Petrol - Ignition coil on plugs supply
F20302002-2005: Petrol - Right-hand oxygen sensor heaters2004, 2006-2008: Diesel - Engine administration system engine manage unit
202006-2008: Petrol - Right-hand Oxygen Sensor Heaters
F21*5*(D1) 2004-2008: Rain sense module
F22*-*(D2)Not used
F23-Not used
F24-Not used
F2540Right-hand windscreen heater (if fitted) or wiperpark heater
F26-Not used
F2730Starter engine solenoid
F2830ABS pump motor
F29-Not used
F3040Left-hand windscreen heater (if fitted)
F31302002-2005: ABS module (ABS valves)
502006-2008: SAI relay
F3210Air compressor clutch, assistant coolant pump
F3315Engine manage module and transmission manage modulebattery supply, Diesel - EMS (2006-2008)
F3415Left-hand dipped beam high intensity discharge (HID)lamp
F35302002-2005: Left-hand oxygen sensor heaters
202006-2008: Left-hand oxygen sensor heaters
F3615intercooler pump (supercharged model)
F3715Air flow meter, purge valve, canister closevalve, inlet manifold tuning valves (V6 only), EGR valve (V8 only), airfilter solenoid (V8 S/C only), MAF sensors (2004-2008), VGT (2004-2008), harbor deactivation valve (Diesel only) (2004, 2006-2008)
F3810Engine control module ignition supply (Petrol only),cooling pan module, wait conditioner clutch relay, light plug module (Diesel only) (2004, 2006-2008)
D3Ignition relay
D42002-2005: Engine management control relay
Relay (2002-2003)
R1-Not used
R240Heated oxygen sensors
R540Engine monitoring system
R6-Not used
R720Auxiliary coolant pump
R820Air compressor clutch
R9-Not used
R1020HID desk lamp - left-hand side
R1120Front fog lamps
R1320HID desk lamp - right-hand side
R14-Not used
R1520Wiper speed high/low
R1620Wiper run/park
R1740Left-hand windscreen heater
R1840Headlamp washer pump
R19-Not used
R2040Starter motor solenoid
R2140Right-hand windscreen heater (if fitted) or wiperpark heater


The passenger compartment fuse box is situated on the right-hand side trim panel in the footwell. Remove the fuse box lid by pressing the retaining lugs and also lifting.When refitting, press the fuse crate lid in the area that the retaining lugs until the lid engages.
F151999-2001: Starter relay coil via Park/Neutral switch2002-2008: Engine manage module/crankshaft sensor
F251999-2001: Radio
F35ABS/Dynamic stability control module, ACC module(2002-2008)
F45Inertia move (fuel pump relay, ignition controlrelay, rear electronic devices module), tool cluster, brake pedal cruisede-activation move (2002-2003), bottom of clutch switch (2003), engine management system (2006-2008), cruise manage cancel (2006-2008)Powertrain regulate Module (PCM) relay coil (1999-2001), transit relay (1999-2001)
F5102002-2008: Restraint regulate module, airbag occupant sensor, passenger airbag de-activation lamp
51999-2001: Autolamp sensor, traction controlswitch, overdrive release switch, heated seat modules, brake shift interlock
F610OBDII connector
F751999-2001: Driver’s Door Module (DDM), Driver’s chair Module (DSM), Powertrain control Module (PCM), Passive Anti-Theft mechanism (PATS) LED,security horn, power mirror2002-2008: Driver"s door module, seat logic (2002-2003),battery backed sounder, road pricing (Singapore), defense LED
F85Front appropriate turn indicator, sidemarker, park,repeater lamps
F910Right-hand dipped beam, left-hand HID relay coil
F105Front left turn indicator, sidemarker, park, repeaterlamps
F1110Left-hand key beam
F12152002-2008: Screenwash pump
101999-2001: Headlamp levelling
F135Instrument cluster
F14101999-2001: Restraints manage Module (Airbag), double Automatic Temperature regulate Module2002-2008: Climate manage system, two phase adaptivedamping regulate module
F1551999-2001: Adaptive damping module (CATS)2002-2008: Ignition switch feeding (RUN) to alternator, T-gate,transmission control module
F16102002-2008: Passenger/driver heated chair modules, electrochromic mirror, rain feeling module, headlamp levelling, ACC chime module (2002-2003), tyrepressure module (2004-2007)
51999-2001: heated seat switch module,electrochromic mirror, rain sensor
F1751999-2001: Restraints regulate Module (Airbag), alternator warning lamp2002-2008: Instrument cluster (airbag warning light,alternator warning light, seatbelt chime)
F18201999-2001: Radio, cellular phone, navigation2002-2008: Radio head unit, touchscreen/display unit
F1915Steering tower tilt and also reach motors
F20101999-2001: Generic digital Module (GEM), wait conditioning, tool cluster, rear electronic regulate module2002-2008: Logic supply to instrument cluster, climatecontrol system, front digital module, rear digital module, electric parkbrake (2004-2008)
F21101999-2001: power folding mirror, sunblind
F2210Driver"s door module battery it is provided (driver"s doormirror, locks)
F2310Right-hand main beam
F245Passive anti-theft system
F2510Left-hand dipped beam, right-hand HID relay coil
F26102002-2008: electric parkbrake switch illumination, AM/FM antenna amplifier, sunblind motor, accessory socket relay (cigar lighter and also power pointrelay)
F27101999-2001: navigation display, radio, phone, navigating module, traffic master2002-2008: Radio head unit, touchscreen/display unit,navigation module, voice control, VICS (Japan), centre console switchpack, phone transceiver (2004-2008)
F2851999-2001: defense horn
F2951999-2001: Voice control, turning back park aid, trailer tow ignition sense, auto Emergency Messaging device (VEMS), Generic digital Module(GEM)2002-2008: Voice control, reversing aid module, telephonetransceiver, front digital module
F30102002-2008: Front digital module power
51999-2001: Generic electronic Module (GEM),passenger strength mirror
F31-Not used
F3220Accessory relay(cigar lighter, power point)
F33101999-2001: Generic digital Module (GEM)2002-2008: Front digital module (instrument dimming,fuel/luggage compartment switchpack
F34-Not used
F3551999-2001: stop lamp switch2002-2008: Brake on/off switch, cruise manage cancel switch(2002-2003), bottom that clutch move (2002, 2004-2008)
R140Accessory (cigar lighter, strength point)

A fuse crate is situated in the luggage compartment, located forward that the battery.Fold the luggage compartment floor panel to gain accessibility to the fuse box.Remove the fuse box lid by pulling the retaining clips and pulling the lid upwards.Reposition the lid and also press down until the retaining clips engage.Replace the floor panel.
115Luggage compartment lid release
210Right rear - turning back lamp, direction indicator, sidemarkers, fog lamps, licence plate
310Left protect against lamp, tail lamp, trailer tow relay
410Fuel flap release, tribe lamp
510Courtesy and map lamps
610Left behind - reverse lamp, direction indicator, sidemarkers, fog lamps
710Right protect against lamp, tail lamp
810High placed stop light
95Heated mirror
105Traffic master
1115Seat heaters
125Transit relay
1315Adaptive damping module
145Cellular phone, CD changer, vehicle EmergencyMessaging system (VEMS)
155Alternator Sensor
1715Fuel pump
1820Subwoofer amplifier
1920Rear digital Module (REM) - left behind window
2030Driver’s door module (DDM) - driver’s window
2130Driver’s lumbar
2330Switched system power 4
2430Switched system power 3
2540Primary Junction box (PJB)
2620Generic digital Module (GEM) - passengerwindow
2730Switched system power 1
2830Passenger’s lumbar
2930Rear screen defrost
3020Rear electronic Module (REM) - best rear window
3230Switched device power 2
D1Not used
D2Fuel pump diode
R1Switched device power relay 1
R2Switched system power relay 2
R3Heated backlight relay
R4Switched mechanism power relay 3
R5Switched mechanism power relay 4
R6Gearshift interlock relay
R7Fuel pump relay

Luggage compartment fuse box (2002-2008)

A fuse box is located in the luggage compartment, located forward that the battery.Fold the luggage compartment floor dashboard to gain access to the fuse box.Remove the fuse crate lid by pulling the retaining clips and also pulling the lid upwards. Reposition the lid and press down until the retaining clips engage.Replace the floor panel.

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F1402002-2003: Battery supply to OBDII connector2004-2008: Passenger compartment fusebox - battery supply
F2202002-2003: Accessory socket
302004-2008: Cigar lighter and power allude relay
F320Ignition switch
F420Left-hand rear home window raise/lower
F520Driver"s home window raise/lower
F620Front passenger"s window raise/lower
F720Right-hand rear home window raise/lower
F8-Not used
F9-Not used
F1030Fan motor
F1130Passenger seat
F1230Switch system power 1 relay
F1330Switch mechanism power 2 relay
F1430Switch system power 3 relay
F1530Driver"s seat
F16-Not used
F17-Not used
F1830Driver"s seat
F1930Passenger"s seat
F2030Switch device power 4 relay
F2130Heated rear window, heated winter (2002-2003; 2006-2008)
F22-Not used
F2330Fuel pumps
F2452004-2008: Tyre pressure module
F2552004-2008: CD player
F2615Adaptive damping
F27-Not used
F2830Remote audio power amplifier
F2910Telephone, CD autochanger (2002-2003), Navigation,Voice (2002-2003), VICS (Japan only)
F305Alternator feeling (V8 S/C only and diesel)
F3120Sunroof manage module
F3210Driver"s seat
F335Transit relay
F34152002-2003: Left/right-hand heater chair module
202004-2008: Left/right-hand heater seat module
F3530Electric parkbrake
F36-Not used
F3710Passenger seat
F38-Not used
F39-Not used
F40-Not used
F41-Not used
F4252002-2003: Driver/passenger boil door mirrors
102004-2008: Driver/passenger heated door mirrors
F43-Not used
F4410Left-hand behind reverse lamp, behind fog desk lamp (2002),direction indicator, next marker, trailer tow relay and module
F45-Not used
F4610Luggage compartment lid and interior lamps, fuelfiller flap solenoid
F4715Rear digital module, , fuel pump driver (Petrolonly), fuel pump elevator (Diesel only)
F4810Right-hand behind reverse lamp, fog lamp (2002),direction indicator, side marker, number plate
F4915Secondary fuel pump module (S/C only)
F505Transit relay
F525Electric parkbrake
F5310Right-hand rear stop and also tail lamps, high mountedstop lamp, fog lamps (2003-2008)
F54-Not used
F5510Door lamps, roof courtesy lamps, map lamp, visorlamp, puddle lamp, glovebox lamp, garage door opener
F56152004-2008: Cigar lighter
F5710Left-hand behind stop and tail lamps, fog lamps (2003-2008)
F58202004-2008: strength point
F5915Rear digital module, rear and passenger doorlocks, boots solenoid, steering pillar (2002-2003)
D1Fuel pump relay
D2Not used
Relay (2002-2003)
R140Heated behind window
R240Switch mechanism power relay 1
R3-Not used
R440Switch mechanism power relay 3
R540Switch system power relay 4
R6-Not used
R770Fan motor
R820Fuel release
R9-Not used
R1140Switch system power relay 2
R12-Not used
R13-Not used
R14-Not used
R1540Fuel pump

Fuse box Diagram Jaguar S-Type2.5, 2.7 3.0, 4.0, 4.2 (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)