Hi all. Ns think my mechanic is trying come rip me hard. Srs irradiate is on in my 96 accord. Has actually been because that a when & he"s come ago at me v $350 to obtain it fixed. Am i paranoid or is the legit?

Hi Daniel, My car has the same problem since 2016. I am control Honda 2002 accord despite SRS is on. It didn’t create any type of problem for me. Inspect engine spark plugs it would expense you roughly 70$.

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For pictures go come this link....http://www.superhonda.com/forum/536559-p...

O.K., right here is the DIY because that resetting the storage for her SRS Light. Your SRS Light might trigger and also remain illuminated for number of reasons. Several of these are:

Unplugging your gauge clusterUnplugging your SRS harness(es) once you eliminate your seatsUnplugging any type of other SRS plugs and transforming your ignition on

These instructions space intended just for resetting her SRS Indicator Light as soon as it is motivated for the reasons provided above. Your SRS light may suggest a much more serious trouble that have to be evaluate by your neighborhood Authorized Honda/Acura Technician. Remember, that airbag may save her life or the life of someone you care about so don"t ignore that indicator light uneven you are sure that it motivated for some other reason. That being said, here are some pics and instructions because that resetting the SRS light (note: this pics room from a 6th Gen Accord EX Coupe 4AT. The MES plug might be located in a various location on other models. Make sure you recognize what you room unplugging. There space no contacts inside the port the the MES Plug plugs into.)

Tools needed:

Flashlight (if necessary to search for MES Plug under dash)2 1/2 ft. Item of small gauge speaker wire (insulation stripped off ends)

1. Find MES Plug. It must be located near the driver"s next fuse panel under the dash. The harness is yellow v two wires.

2. Unplug the MES Plug. It need to look favor this.

3. Insert one end of speaker wire right into MES Plug (one wire in each contact)

4. Follow this succession of shorting the various other two leads of the speaker cable and turning the ignition come "on" (not accessory, no start)

Short and hold the leads while you rotate the ignition to on. The SRS Light will certainly illuminate because that a couple of seconds then walk off.When the SRS light goes off, unshort the wires. The SRS Light will certainly come back on.Short and also hold the wires again. The SRS Light will certainly go off.When the SRS irradiate goes off, unshort the wires. The SRS Light will certainly blink twice.Turn the ignition off.Start engine together normal. The SRS Light should illuminate because that a couple of seconds as normal and then walk off.This series of shorting/unshorting requirements to take location within a 4 2nd window the the SRS irradiate going on/off every time.

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5. Sound basic enough? must take 15 secs or so for the totality procedure. Great luck.