The Toyota Camry has been the mainstay of the company"s line inthis country since its advent in 1983. Originally a compact, it prospered tomidsized in 1992, and has come to be increasingly one American car. Around80% that the Camrys offered in the U. S. Are developed at Toyota MotorManufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky. The recently-introduced fourth-generation Camry is designed v the American client in mind.Compared come its prompt predecessor, it is larger, quieter, morepowerful, and an ext comfortable. Return the straightforward platform of theprevious Camry is used, the wheelbase has been enhanced by two inches,and front and rear overhangs decreased slightly. All outside bodywork isnew. The first 50/50 share venture between Toyota"s Japanese andAmerican branches, the "97 Camry is the many customer-focused Toyotavehicle ever. It is designed for value. A high level of supplierinvolvement in component and system design enabled a streamlinedmanufacturing process, with decreased production costs. A simplified modelstrategy likewise helps keep expenses down. The coupe and wagon space gone for1997, and also three trim levels of sedan - CE, LE, and also XLE - are offeredinstead the the ahead four. One upgraded variation of the acquainted 2.2-literfour cylinder engine is standard, through an boosted version that the 3.0-literV6 optional in every trim levels. A week v a 1997 Camry LE four-cylinder, the many popularversion the the car, and also a day spent in V6-powered versions at the localpress introduction, offered me an excellent insight right into the newest version ofToyota"s most renowned car. Over there is a Camry model for virtually everymidsized sedan taste. The LE is a quiet, comfortable, roomy, economicalfamily car. I have actually no doubts as to why the is so favored.APPEARANCE: Deep inside, the 1997 Camry may resemble itspredecessor, yet the external is completely new. The rounded, "jelly bean"look is history. The newest Camry is fresh without being as well angular, andhas presence. That looks bigger than it really is. At the front, a small body-colored grille v horizontal slats prominently display screens the Toyota logo. Itis flanked through low, wide headlamps. The wide hood has two personality linesthat are echoed in the behind deck. Muted fender flares give a sporty look,and a reduced beltline means more glass in the passenger cabin for bettervisibility. Both the windshield and also backlight are an extremely raked foraerodynamic efficiency. ~ above the Camry LE, bumpers, mirrors, and doorhandles room body-colored. There are thin chrome strips approximately the sidewindows and backlight. Optional alloy wheels include sporty style.

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COMFORT: The raised cabin glass area of the "97 Camry provides theimpression that a much more spacious interior. This is no illusion. There space slightincreases in head, leg, and shoulder room contrasted to the 1996 Camry.The LE has comfortable fabric upholstery, with leather optional. Theredesigned former seats are manually adjustable. The rear bench folds v a60/40 separation unless the optional integrated child security seat is fitted. Then, onlythe left 40% folds. A new instrument panel has a glare-reducing brow overthe instruments, one extra strength outlet, and a bigger glove box. Interiorstorage space also consists of moderately-sized door pockets, a little consolebox, and also two little spaces in the tool panel. The Camry LE is well-equipped, with power windows, door locks, and mirrors, a very an excellent airconditioner , and a luxurious AM/FM/cassette sound system with the antennain the window glass every standard.SAFETY: all 1997 Toyota Camrys have actually front and also rear crumple area anddual air bags. Antilock brakes space standard on every models other than the 4-cylinder CE, where they space optional. ROADABILITY: on the road, the brand-new Camry is smooth, responsive, andquiet. Extra soundproofing materials throughout the car aid keep noiselevels low inside. The all-independent suspension has actually been retuned forimproved managing characteristics, better balance in ~ speed, and also greater ridecomfort. It combines family-car comfort through surprisingly sportinghandling abilities. The LE is equipped v antilock front disc and reardrum brakes for for sure stopping. The 1997 Camry is a family vehicle that is funto drive, even with the 4-cylinder engine.PERFORMANCE: The four-cylinder LE model is the many popularversion ~ above the Camry, and for an excellent reason. The 2.2-liter, twincam, 16-valve 4 offers a combination of power, smoothness, and economy.Around town, a 4-cylinder Camry is not lot slower than one with a six.The four-speed, electronically-controlled automatic shifts quickly. That issmooth in typical operation, and also a bit an ext abrupt throughout hardacceleration.

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CONCLUSIONS: The new 1997 Toyota Camry combines style, comfort,and value to make it a really serious contender for midsized sedan honors.SPECIFICATIONS1997 Toyota Camry LEBase Price $ 19,868Price together Tested $ 22,717Engine kind inline 4-cylinder, dual overhead cams, 16 valvesEngine dimension 2.2 liters, 132 cu. In.Horsepower 133
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