The 1776 – 1976 Bicentennial Quarter has actually been discovered with various mint errors and die varieties. They can be very an important quarters. This quarter examination revealed copy on both the obverse and reverse that the coin. A struck v grease error on the drum is common. Watch the complete examination in the video below or keep scrolling to check out the stills and learn more about your value.

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These coin v errors have sold anywhere in between five dollars and also thousands of dollars, depending upon the type of error and condition that the quarter. For instance, a 1976 25C Clad 4 minutes 1 graded MS63, sold at auction for $633.00 in 2007.

The Struck through Grease Error display screens On The Colonial"s Drum

A 1776 – 1976 D Bicentennial 4 minutes 1 graded MS68, sold at auction for practically $7000.00 in 2017. This coins can still be found in mint state condition while coin role hunting, with an inheritance, or even pocket change. It’s not complicated to compare the condition of a coin with images of an ext valuable coins, which have been graded, authenticated, and encapsulated.

Arrows suggest To dice Lines, a dice Dot, and also doubling top top the flame of the torch

There’s a required investment to have a coin graded. occasionally it’s far better to just listing the coin because that sale in raw problem on sites prefer Ebay, since the price of investment doesn’t constantly increase the return that investment.

If you’re serious around making money selling money, you’ll need a coin microscope, together it’s a an essential tool for this ar of work. You’ll likewise want to study and also learn the lingo, too invest in a coin scale, and also coin flips to safely keep your collection.

A kind of Doubling screens on the "U" and "N" that United

A 1976-D 25C Bicentennial doubled die obverse title DDO FS-101 (028) graded MS65, sold in ~ auction for practically $4000.00 in 2019. Denver produced doubled die variety listings are available for photo comparison via and also

"Q" and also "U" of Quarter display a form of Doubling

Also on record with PCGS, is a 1976-D 25C Bicentennial 4 minutes 1 — to win on a Nickel Planchet Mint Error. It to be graded MS67, certified through NGC, and also sold in ~ auction for an ext than $5000.00. The 1776 – 1976 bicentennial soldier are definitely worth acquisition the time and also making the effort to closely examine. They’ve sold in raw condition for up to $25.00 top top Ebay.

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Arrors suggest To a die Dot between the letters of "I" and "C" that America

“In 1976, the 4 minutes 1 dollar had currently used a portrait the George Washington ~ above the front due to the fact that 1932, the 200th anniversary of Washington’s birth. The bicentennial architecture on the ago features a colonial drummer and also a win torch surrounding by thirteen stars. The coin was minted in the year 1975 and also 1976 and also display the double dates the 1776-1976.” – USMINT

“During the relax of the Bicentennial coinage, no coins of this denomination lugged the single date the 1975 or 1976.” – USMINT. Exactly how much a drummer boy quarter is precious will depend on the condition, and it’s a die selection or has a mint error. They’ve been famously described due to the fact that production and are fondly recognized as the “drummer boy quarters.”

People hoarded these quarters and also were collecting them by the rolls to host on to due to the fact that they were only minted for a short period of time. Those same civilization are currently making really nice profits selling single listings online.

Rolls have the right to still be uncovered on Amazon. Periodically listings are available to bid on full rolls v Ebay.

Strike through Coins room Valuable! hear to Shaun’s sector Report below. Then check out an examination of a 1996 doubled dice quarter with doubling behind Washington’s ear. Maybe you have actually one and can “turn your pocket change into cash too!”

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