BrandRice Krispies
FlavorRice Krispies
IngredientsIngredients: Rice, sugar, consists of 2% or less of salt, malt flavor.Vitamins and Minerals: stole (ferric phosphate), niacinamide, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamin hydrochloride), folic acid, vitamin D3, vitamin B12.See more
Weight48 Ounces
Package InformationBox

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About this itemOne load of four, 12-ounce boxes of Kellogg"s Rice Krispies toasted rice cerealApproximately ten 1.25-cup (33-gram) servings per box; 40 servings total25% of recommended folic acid and also vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and E50% of encourage ironClassic oven-roasted cereal delivers snap-crackle-pop with a pack of vitamins

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i really prefer Kellog"s Rice Krispies, however not the neighborhood store price. I have actually tried assorted store brand versions of Rice Krispies, but none of them are specifically good. When I saw that I can get four, 12 oz boxes that Kellog"s Rice Krispies because that a price lower than 2 such boxes would expense at neighborhood stores, I instantly became a save & i ordered it customer because that this item. Of food at mine age, that isn"t only the Rice Krispies the go "Snap, Crackle & Pop" in the mornings.
these "Kellogg"s Rice Krispies, 34.4 oz are specifically what ns expected as soon as I bespeak this item to snack on once I am hungry.
I believed ordering some of my groceries v Pantry to be going to it is in a an excellent idea....boy was ns wrong. The end of the 39 canned great items ns ordered 24 of those cans room dented; some pretty badly. I will be notified any an ext canned an excellent items from :(. The Rice Krispies to be crushed! :(
I assumed ordering several of my groceries through Pantry was going to be a an excellent idea....boy was i wrong. The end of the 39 canned good items i ordered 24 that those cans space dented; some pretty badly. I will certainly be ordering any much more canned an excellent items native :(. The Rice Krispies were crushed! :(
among the bags had actually an opening. Therefore it was leaking out, fortunately its dry items so the wasn"t too lot of a problem. Love rice krispies. Its my favourite.
If you choose this cereal then you have to buy it. These bags are bigger then what the sell in the stores. And the are cheaper climate the largest bags offered in stores,
very easy means to add to office"s grain drive because that a local food bank, price to be comp to buying in store.
ns bought this pack and also noticed it had actually a various taste then the ones ns buy at the store. Boxes additionally look different compared to stores..

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