Moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma? probably you’ve just arrived, and also you’re curious around our city, your brand-new home town? If yes, you’re in happiness! We’ve put together a list as big as the gold Driller, filled v fascinating facts about Tulsa, Oklahoma! We’ll take you with a tiny bit of Tulsa’s history and talk about some the its greatest moments! so clear your schedule, sip some tea and also let’s take it a look at what renders Tulsa tick!. Enjoy.

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There’s a Giant, gold Statue in Tulsa

Did you recognize that the 6th tallest frostbite in the United claims was in Tulsa? it is, and also it’s the gold Driller! Traded in one oil transaction from Texas, the statue to be originally built in 1952 because that the “International Petroleum Exposition.” it looks like an oil worker through his eight on an oil derrick. The frosting is 75 feet tall and weighs a massive 43,500 pounds! It was so superior that in 1966, Tulsa moved the gold Driller come the Expo center for the 1966 global Petroleum Exposition. That’s whereby he stands to this really day, maintaining watch end the city. (File this amazing info under “Fascinating Facts around Tulsa Oklahoma in the 1960s”.)


Traffic Fact: Tulsa, Oklahoma designed the ‘Yield’ Sign

In 1950, Tulsa police officer Clinton Riggs experienced a trouble in Tulsa. That problem: too many automobile crashes were emerging on Tulsa’s street corners. One ambitious fellow, Officer Riggs developed the “Yield” roadway sign in bespeak to fix the problem. He an initial tested the Yield authorize on Columbia path and an initial Street in downtown Tulsa, and also it to be an instant success. Collisions decreased significantly, leading Tulsa city planners to ar them almost everywhere the city. Soon, every one of America and also the civilization were using the productivity sign, i m sorry hasn’t significantly readjusted in 70 years!. After the passed far in 1997, Officer Clinton Riggs’ family members had a Yield authorize engraved top top his tombstone.


“The Outsiders” was Filmed in Tulsa

Today, actors Tom Cruise, rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, and also Diane roadway are household names. (And don’t forget the dearly departed Patrick Swayze.) However, before they became superstars, all of them starred together in a small 1983 cult classic film called The Outsiders. None other than Francis Ford Coppola command the movie, and nearly the entire production remained in Tulsa. In fact, Tulsa is where the story to be set, i m sorry is why lock shot the movie here. (We’d prefer to think they’ve all had actually such wonderful careers because of Tulsa’s magic, but we’re biased.)

Music Fact: Garth Brooks is indigenous Tulsa

Talk around interesting facts around Tulsa, Oklahoma! Best-selling nation artist Garth Brooks was born below on the 7th that February in 1962! Indeed, Brooks is among the many successful solo country artists in history, having sold end 170 million records!


Tulsa to be the “Oil capital of the World”

In 1901 oil was uncovered in Tulsa, an altering the city forever. Overnight Tulsa go from a small, quiet “cow town” to a boomtown, through wildcat oilmen flooding the city. They brought their family members too, that course, and the populace skyrocketed. As it did, the town of Tulsa spread out in every directions. Together if that wasn’t enough, in 1905, an even larger oil exploration was made in a surrounding town of valley Pool, Oklahoma. A quick 15 years later, Tulsa was officially crowned together the “oil resources of the people .” over 100,000 civilization lived here, and also 400 different oil providers live here.

There tons of man-made Lakes in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Do girlfriend love boating? If so, you’ll be glad to understand there are more human-made lakes in Tulsa than any kind of other state. One of the greatest is Lake Eufaula v 600 miles of beautiful shoreline. It’s perfect because that boating, camping top top the waterfront, swimming, and of course, fishing. Also better, there are over 200 more lakes here, the biggest number developed by dams in the country. That includes Lake Murray, a 5700-acre lake that’s one of the clearest in all of Oklahoma! The deepest? That would certainly be broken Bow Lake at 185 feet in depth!

As you might imagine, with so countless lakes right here in Tulsa, you’ll also find plenty of boats. Hundreds of residents right here in Tulsa love acquiring out on their watercraft as regularly as possible. And also why not?! It’s relaxing, enjoyable, and also fun for the entire family! numerous who own watercrafts store lock in Tulsa warehouse units. (Technically, watercrafts are typically stored outside in Tulsa storage facilities.) through a warehouse unit, you can obtain in and also out easily as the front gate is huge. There’s likewise plenty of an are for turns, which have the right to be tricky through a watercraft trailer. Boat gear stays safe, clean, and dry in a Tulsa warehouse unit also. If girlfriend can’t store your watercraft in your garage or driveway, a Tulsa warehouse unit is a perfect solution.

Weird legislations in Tulsa, Oklahoma

While us would never ever recommend breaking any Tulsa laws, there are some that just don’t make sense. Some room weird, and a little bit crazy, which can make friend wonder what Tulsa’s lawmakers were thinking. While we’re not right here to give any kind of legal advice, us do have actually a list of several of Tulsa’s weirdest laws.

Leaving an open box of tissues in the ago seat the your vehicle is illegal.If you desire to have 3 dogs on your residential or commercial property at one time, the Mayor demands to offer you a permit to carry out it.It’s illegal to walk to bed with your boots top top (which, we need to admit, kind of provides sense).Taking a bite of someone else’s sandwich is illegal.Whaling? That’s right; it’s illegal in Tulsa. The good news? detect a whale in Tulsa is impossible.)Women can’t give themselves a irreversible unless the state patent them.Drying, heating, or cook skunks is illegal. (Thank goodness!)Cursing in former of youngsters is illegal, as is cursing in a publicly place.If you’re top top a public bus, it’s illegal to have actually a fish in a fishbowl.The legislation in Tulsa states that you need to tether your vehicle outside a publicly building.Driving a auto while reading a comic book is illegal.Bringing one elephant into downtown Tulsa? Yep, that’s illegal.

The largest Collection the American West arts is in Tulsa

The American west expanding and growing to be a far-ranging time in American history. In ~ the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, you’ll see much of that history on screen every day. That’s because they have actually the world’s biggest collection of American West Art and also artifacts. The substantial collection the art and artifacts? Mr. Gilcrease purchased the from the city back in 1955 so the everything could be on screen for all to see. We very recommend you take it an afternoon come go and see everything, it’s truly amazing!

Fact about Tulsa, Oklahoma: an initial QuikTrip store

With end 850 stores in 11 states, QuikTrip is just one of the country’s greatest gas station/convenience keep chains. You’d never know that it opened it’s doors in 1958 in, girlfriend guessed it, Tulsa, Oklahoma! The original place was on Peoria Street in Tulsa, started by next-door neighbors Burt Holmes and also Chester Cadieux. If you’re ~ above a roadway trip and also need gas and also a cuppa’ joe, you can thank them for making it easier.

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More interesting Facts about Tulsa, Oklahoma

Some amazing facts, like the persons above, need more of a lift story. The complying with facts, however, carry out not. (They’re still simply as interesting, we promise!)

Hanson, the renowned 90’s young band of 3 brothers, began here. (The guys were all born in Tulsa.)Tulsa is right in the facility of ‘Tornado Alley,’ where numerous tornadoes touch down every year.Tulsa to be the first city in the United says to use web traffic signs. (The aforementioned Yield sign designed by Tulsa police officer Clinton Riggs was the first.)Basketball’s Sweet Sixteen? The college of Tulsa’s men’s basketball team has reached the 3 times!Cyrus Avery created the idea for the fabled and also fabulous path 66 in Tulsa.Tulsa was “America’s many Beautiful City” in 1950.Tulsa has actually one of the largest numbers of arts deco buildings in the unified States.

We hope you thoroughly delighted in this list of fascinating facts around Tulsa, Oklahoma. We hope you find the city as wonderful a place to live, work, and also raise a family members as us do. Best of luck in your brand-new life here!